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12 May 2020 ~ Comments Off on Covers EP out today

Covers EP out today

Today is the release of our COVERS EP! If you pre-ordered (thanks!), it has probably already arrived at your home. If you haven’t, this might be your last chance to order one!

Order the Covers EP

In total we recorded 4 covers of “the roots of our roots” for this passion project. When the cover idea surfaced we didn’t feel like covering the bands we grew up on. Most of them are still around or reunited. It seemed much more interesting to go back some more generations and find early punk songs with a melodic vibe to them. The EP includes covers of Truth Hits Everybody (The Police), Hanging on the Telephone (The Nerves, Blondie), I Believe in Miracles (Ramones) and Search and Destroy (The Stooges). Check the first review we got!

The cover artwork consists of adaptations of the four original designs so you know it’s us. Re-designs by Andy Dahlström (Satanic Surfers). We recorded the rhythm section live and we kept dubs and edits to a minimum. This is as raw/unpolished as we get in the studio! Drums and bass recorded by Emiel Thoonen; vocals, guitars and hammond recorded by Menno Bakker at Amsterdam Recording Company. Mixed by Menno Bakker at ARC, mastering by Carl Saff.

Order the Covers EP


We had 500 EPs made, but after sending out label and pre-order copies there are less than 40(!) left. You can still get one via our webshop; combine it with a shirt, album, tape, etc. Shirts are still available in S/M/L tight fit and S/M/L/XL loose fit. Just like the EPs: while supplies last … Besides releasing cover versions of these classic songs on a classic vinyl format, the EP is of course also digitally available. Check our Covers EP page to play the EP via Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube and all other services.

Online acoustic sessions

We’re throwing a release party on Friday May 15! These days this means that we will go live via FB and Insta to celebrate the release, play some acoustic songs, do a Q&A and whatever else happens! Reply to this email with your (song) requests! The day after, Saturday May 16 aka Lagwagon Day, Willem is doing an acoustic set for Boatless Booze Cruise. A charity online festival with proceeds going to suffering venues in Hamburg, incl bands like The Creepshow, Teen Agers, Travels & Trunks

Toon, live in action

Toon has left the band

Sorry for ending this newsletter with a downer, for some this might come as a complete surprise, others were already in the know. It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Toon has decided to leave the band. We wish him the best of luck with his (musical) endeavors and thank him for all the time and energy that he put into our band since 2014! What’s extra sad is that the last shows we were supposed to play together have been cancelled because of corona. For the remaining 2020 shows we already have a neat plan, including a very appropriate replacement solution. We will tell you all about it as soon as we know 100% sure that the currently booked shows are taking place.

That’s it for now, till next time! Then we can hopefully tell you all about our plans for the 2020 shows! Thanks for reading, stay in touch …

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18 September 2014 ~ Comments Off on The tour is dead, long live the tour!

The tour is dead, long live the tour!

Last weekend we had the last show of our tour with Ten Foot Pole. It was a truly amazing tour: there really was not one bad show, we made many new friends and last but not least we had an incredible time hanging with the people in Ten Foot Pole and Destiny Tourbooking. German SLAM Magazine wrote this review about our show in München, took pictures of us in Saarbrücken and at Punkadeka you can check pictures of our show in Seregno/Milano, Italy.

Some more highlights: tour kick-off in Berlin, playing that crazy boat in Paris, selling out merch in Köln, an over the top crowd going crazy in Ljubljana, “Rio Rock” in Tessenderloo, 90’s reunion vibe in Den Bosch, TFP going balls out in their own shorts, getting new nicknames from Ronaldo Destiny, Mondays and Tuesdays becoming the new weekend, and so much more. Some lesser moments include failing guitars, amps and snares, and a van exhaust that needed replacement, but none of those moments lived up to the peaks this tour brought us.

Time to get some rest you’d think. But no, the next 2 tours are coming sooner than you think!

September, Italy with Onoda:
25 Bologna Freakout Club
26 Roma Alvarado Street
27 San Giacomo degli Schiavoni (CB) Bobby’s Live Bar
28 Ancona Glue-Lab
Facebook event
Thanks to IndieBox Events and NoReason Records

16 FR Lyon, Les Capucins. w/ Happening
17 FR Bordeaux, Heretic Club. w/ The Dead Krazukies, W-Mute
18 ES San Sebastian, Mogambo
19 ES Oviedo, Lata de Zinc
20 PT Oporto, Almaemformol
21 PT Lisbon, Fantasma. w/ twelve2go, Rebels in Packages, About Time
22 ES Madrid, Rock Palace. w/ Revolutions Per Minute
23 ES Valencia, Sala Darkness
24 ES Barcelona, Casal Joves Roquetes. w/ Crim, Anchord
25 FR L’Isle Bouzon, Ecole des Filles. w/ Guerilla Poubelle, Charly Fiasco, Brutal Cherie
26 FR Clermont-Ferrand, Sprint Bar. w/ Les Rasoirs Electriques
Facebook event
Thanks to Outro Shows and Infected Records DIY

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26 May 2014 ~ Comments Off on Review and free download “Perspectives & Objectives”

Review and free download “Perspectives & Objectives”

Better late than never, especially when it’s a killer review like this one: wrote a review of our latest album “Perspectives & Objectives”. The people who coined the term “orgcore” gave us 4 out of 5 stars and As melodic Europunk goes, this band has to be up near the top of the pile. Read for yourself

Related to the latter, and old news to those who receive our newsletter: we recently released “Perspectives & Objectives” as a pay-what-you-like download. For those interested in physical copies, check our webshop, or for cheap shipping to North America and Australia check the A-F Records store.

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10 December 2012 ~ Comments Off on Review: Future History – In Your Face webzine (Germany)

Review: Future History – In Your Face webzine (Germany)

Seit dem Eintritt in das neue Millenium gibt es die Holländische Emo Punkrock-Kapelle ANTILLECTUAL, wobei sich Emo im guten Sinne der Alten Schule der End-Achtziger Jahre versteht. Unspektakulär und von souveräner Hand von Sänger Willem geführt, erschienen ihre LPs und Singles aus dem Nichts. Ohne große Ankündigungen und Marketing sind sie einfach da. Ihre treuen Fans wissen darum und alle anderen Punkrocker sollten sich unbedingt um diese drei Mann starke Combo kümmern, denn es lohnt sich jedes Mal.

So verhält es sich auch bei der neuen Vier-Song-Single “Future History”, die ganz simple die Stärken der Holländer ausspielt. Das sind emotionaler Gesang, der nie weinerlich wird, hymnische Refrains, mal ruhige, mal schnelle, mitreißende Songs und immer korrekte Texte. Und ganz viel Gänsehaut. Alles das vereint der Opener und Titel-Track, der sich ganz tief in die Gehörgänge bohrt. “Mother Inferior” ist ein rasender Punkrocker, kurz und bündig und furios. “Because We Can” tut fast schon weh, so gut, so schön ist diese Nummer. Der Refrain geht einem nicht mehr aus dem Kopf. Eine klare Absage an Machotum und Sexismus ist das akustische “Pink Print” und erinnert, wofür Punk steht, nämlich Gleichheit und Individualismus.

ANTILLECTUAL sind aus der Szene unserer Nachbarn nicht mehr weg zu denken, repräsentieren sie den positiven und korrekten Geist des holländischen Punk von LÄRM über MAN LIFTING BANNER bis zu ANTILLECTUAL. All das Gute aus Punk in vier Songs!

Source: In Your Face
Rating: 10 / 10

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24 November 2010 ~ Comments Off on Now the dust has settled …

Now the dust has settled …

Alright, so we have calmed down a little after releasing our new album on November 1st and touring France after that. How are you doing? The feedback so far has been more than mind blowing and jaw dropping. Below you can find some feedback that reached us, some interviews we did and some reports of what has been going on the last weeks. If you know of more reviews, interviews or the like, please inform us! And of course you can still download all our music including our new album (for free or for a donation) at or order a CD or LP at our webshop. Let us know what you think of it, speak freely.

To promote our new album we are gonna play live a lot. See “SHOWS” for all shows, including our “Release Benelux Tour”. Some shows we want to emphasize, in order of appearance:

Dec 3 NL Nijmegen Merleyn RELEASE SHOW “START FROM SCRATCH!” w/ The Real Danger, This Routine Is Hell

Jan 5 GER Available! w/ Red Tape Parade
Jan 6 GER Augsburg Ballonfabrik w/ Red Tape Parade
Jan 7 GER Available! w/ Red Tape Parade
Jan 8 GER Berlin Scherer8 w/ Red Tape Parade, Man the change
Jan 9 GER Available! w/ Red Tape Parade

Jan 13 NL Groningen Eurosonic / Noorderslag: Shadrak, Main w/ Turbostaat, Kvelertak, De Staat, Death Letters, Destine, Kensington, MakeBelieve, Only Seven Left, The Opposites, and so many more … (January 15 we will play acoustic at Eurosonic/Noorderslag for Live in Your Living Room)

As you can see we are still looking for some shows and confirmations for our German tour in January. Where should we drop by? Let us know!

For Dutch blog Eerste Hulp bij Plaatopnamen Riekus reported how we set up, executed and received feedback on our streaming project around the release. For Dutchies interested, read the third part of the trilogy! A lot of people, zines and other media have been writing about us lately. Here you can find a selection of those pieces:

Our interview at Punkfiction
(in French)
Our interview at Noize Italia
(in Italian)
Our interview at Dagheisha
(in Italian)
Our interview at Roar Ezine
(in Dutch)

(in Italian)
(in Italian)
Metalorgie (in French)
(in French)
(in English)
(in English)
(in English)
Rockfreaks (in English)
In-your-face (in German)
(in German. 5 out of 5 stars!)
(in Finnish)
Revolution-music (in Danish.
6 out of 6 stars!)
(in Dutch)
Roarezine (in Dutch)

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