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07 March 2023 ~ Comments Off on NEWSLETTER MARCH 2023: Single Release & Album Pre-order

NEWSLETTER MARCH 2023: Single Release & Album Pre-order

We’re taking the final step before the full length release: a brand new single and the album pre-order! Check FROM CITY TO CITY and if you like what you hear, pre-order TOGETHER on LP / CD / tape. Check the single, music video and pre-order via our website.

Artwork From City To City


Where touring and critical thinking meet. We always wonder what kind of people we will meet when touring across the world. The advantage of living in a globalizing world is that there’s “great minds thinking alike” on the other side of the world. A disadvantage is that you might be out of touch with your direct neighbor. FROM CITY TO CITY is about feeling connected to people on the other side of the world, while feeling disconnected from people living right around the corner. Even though oceans are keeping us apart, the islands we live on are connected. Bogota, Colombia sometimes feels closer than Groesbeek.

Music video From City To City

The FROM CITY TO CITY music video footage was crowdsourced at recent shows in Bochum, Wiesbaden, Alfeld, Glauchau, Würzburg, Liège, Nijmegen and on the road in between. Thank YOU for filming, dancing and singing along to a song you’d never heard before! Credits to Jay at Moonboy Films for editing.

Together merchandise


As of now you can pre-order our new album! We’ve got LPs, CDs, Tapes, album & shirt bundles, and limited editions of the album. The tracklist includes brand new musical discoveries and your favorite previously released digital singles within an album context, all in your physical format of choice! Albums come with lyrics and extensive liner notes. LPs are eco-friendly produced and come in a gatefold sleeve with transparent green vinyl, CDs come in a digipak and tapes are limited to only 25 hand numbered copies. TOGETHER comes out on May 2, and your physical copy will be with you on the release date.

Are you a label or someone that wants to do the release/distribution TOGETHER with us? Get in touch!

Release tour

Next to releasing new music physically and digitally, we can’t wait to play our new songs for you! Come to one of the following to hear the tracks live:

  • Apr 02 NL Amsterdam, Melkweg w/ No Fun At All Info / FB event
  • Apr 03 NL Enschede, Metropool w/ No Fun At All Info / FB event
  • Apr 14 NL Amsterdam, Positive Outlook Fest Info / FB event
  • Apr 22 BE Antwerpen, Bearded Punk Fest
  • May 13 DE Limburg-Lindenholzhausen, Limewood Festival Info
  • May 27 NL Nijmegen, Paraplufabriek w/ Two Star Review, Sjonnie en het Talent. Free show/no tix! FB event
  • Jun 02 BE Bruxelles, Drink Drink Info / FB event
  • Jun 03 DE Siegen, Vortex Info
  • Jun 17 NL Hengelo, Heng Loose Fest FB event
  • Aug 09 SI Tolmin, Punk Rock Holiday Info & tickets / FB event

That’s it for now! We’ll send a new newsletter when TOGETHER is out, combined with all the release tour dates… Thanks for reading, till next time; Ben, Riekus & Willem

Missed our previous newsletter? Find it here!

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21 January 2022 ~ Comments Off on Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 3

Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 3

There’s a new episode of the deconstruction of I Wrote This Song! Episode 3 contains a first attempt at vocals, real drums and adjusting the tempo, and an analysis of structural updates. It’s so much fun ripping apart old songs!

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24 December 2021 ~ Comments Off on Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 2

Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 2

Because we received such enthusiastic feedback, here’s the second episode of our series DECONSTRUCTING I WROTE THIS SONG! In this ep we’re analyzing the structure of the song, individual parts and connecting them, parts we eventually rearranged or left out completely and a confession about working titles.
Any insights you’d like to learn in future episodes?

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17 December 2021 ~ Comments Off on Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 1

Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 1

As promised, another pandemic project: the deconstruction of one of our songs! I Wrote This Song is the song we worked on the most, we did like 60(!) demo versions, it only made sense to start with this one. In this first episode you’ll hear the track that inspired us, the individual riffs that led to the writing of the track, riffs we didn’t use and how we record ideas and turn them into demos. Find the first episode below, more to follow!

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07 November 2021 ~ Comments Off on Propagandhi / Antillectual / Matt Milkowski – Contest Song / Common Threads

Propagandhi / Antillectual / Matt Milkowski – Contest Song / Common Threads

Is it a cover? A collaboration? Musical assault?

Unscripted Moments (A podcast about Propagandhi) gave us a pandemic homework assignment: add vocals to Propagandhi’s Contest Song. Matt Milkowski wrote the lyrics and Willem recorded them to Propagandhi’s instrumental track. Here you can find the complete podcast episode about the track.

Hope you enjoy the final result as much as we did creating it!

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