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21 January 2022 ~ Comments Off on Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 3

Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 3

There’s a new episode of the deconstruction of I Wrote This Song! Episode 3 contains a first attempt at vocals, real drums and adjusting the tempo, and an analysis of structural updates. It’s so much fun ripping apart old songs!

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24 December 2021 ~ Comments Off on Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 2

Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 2

Because we received such enthusiastic feedback, here’s the second episode of our series DECONSTRUCTING I WROTE THIS SONG! In this ep we’re analyzing the structure of the song, individual parts and connecting them, parts we eventually rearranged or left out completely and a confession about working titles.
Any insights you’d like to learn in future episodes?

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17 December 2021 ~ Comments Off on Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 1

Deconstructing I WROTE THIS SONG – episode 1

As promised, another pandemic project: the deconstruction of one of our songs! I Wrote This Song is the song we worked on the most, we did like 60(!) demo versions, it only made sense to start with this one. In this first episode you’ll hear the track that inspired us, the individual riffs that led to the writing of the track, riffs we didn’t use and how we record ideas and turn them into demos. Find the first episode below, more to follow!

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07 November 2021 ~ Comments Off on Propagandhi / Antillectual / Matt Milkowski – Contest Song / Common Threads

Propagandhi / Antillectual / Matt Milkowski – Contest Song / Common Threads

Is it a cover? A collaboration? Musical assault?

Unscripted Moments (A podcast about Propagandhi) gave us a pandemic homework assignment: add vocals to Propagandhi’s Contest Song. Matt Milkowski wrote the lyrics and Willem recorded them to Propagandhi’s instrumental track. Here you can find the complete podcast episode about the track.

Hope you enjoy the final result as much as we did creating it!

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01 November 2020 ~ Comments Off on 10 year anniversary Start From Scratch!

10 year anniversary Start From Scratch!

Today, November 1st, 2020, marks the 10th birthday of our 3rd full length album “Start from Scratch!”. It (still) is an important album for us and a favorite of a many. SFS seems to have been the first album that got us worldwide attention. In celebration of the album’s anniversary we had all sorts of wild plans, involving Friends First Fest and other activities, none of which will happen this year. Maybe we can make up for it next year?

If you read the title, track list and liner notes it seems that a lot of themes are relevant still, or again. We could have written songs like “Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis” (how to deal with a heavy impact, worldwide calamity), “America’s Worst Role Model” (a horrifying American President), “Chinese Takeover” (growing influence and power of China) to describe the situation we’re in right now. Classic themes never get old!

When we released the album in 2010 we did a song-by-song introduction to the album, including guest contributions by people that did guest vocals, recorded it, released it, and other friends! Fun reads about your favorite song or the album as a whole when killing time these days:

1. Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis (Greg Rekus, formerly of High Five Drive)
2. Buyer’s Remorse (David Finke, did the album artwork, FairTradeMerch)
3. The Hunt Is On! (Nab Ortega, formerly of Just Say Yo Zine)
4. America’s Worst Role Model (Fieke Houkes, Shield Recordings, released the album)
5. Cut The Ground From Under Our Feet (Chris Hannah, Propagandhi, did guest vocals; Thomas Nijboer, former roadie)
6. “Kraken Gaat Door!” (Etjen van der Vliet, Just Like Your Mom)
7. Some Of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters (Marnix van Holland, formerly of
8. Chinese Takeover (Lenneke Knape, formerly of Rockit Promotions)
9. Our Hearts (Yvo Kouwenhoven, former bass player)
10. The New Jew (Nico van Montfort, of XPZ Sound, recorded the album)
11. Classic Themes Never Get Old (NoReason Records, released the album)
12. So Much More (Heleen Tichelaar, did guest vocals)

Check the complete album on LP/CD, Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube, Apple Music.

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