18 June 2024 ~ Comments Off on Final NOFX show after movie

Final NOFX show after movie

After movie for the final Dutch NOFX show in Eindhoven, May 19, 2024: We expected it to be a crazy show and it ended up being exactly that!

The weather threw us a curveball: we had to put on sunblock during soundcheck because the sun was burning a hole through my skin. Second memory is plugging in our guitars to start the set, looking up and seeing a curtain of rain pouring down over the people in front of the stage. What a way to start…

We had some true “strijders” in front of us risking their health and pulling everyone through the rain. When the sun finally came out a huge wave of people that had been sheltering from the rain and watching us from afar rushed to the stage, truly heartwarming <3

Video by TijsVL and Moonboy Films

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