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07 July 2009 ~ 2 Comments

All the small things

So we had 3 very nice shows last week of which 2 acoustic. And I must say it’s going better and better. Reactions are overall positive. Obviously we aren’t going for the popularity vote beacuse you know that some people will prefer loud guitars over acoustic ploink ploink. Make up your own mind and listen to a song on our Myspace. Anyhow, liked our acoustic 7 inch so much they made it CD (!) of the week and gave us a nice review.

In the mean time Riekus has been busy updating this site and improving what was not perfect yet, and now it all is! You can search this site through the search field on the top right, and some more social networks have been added next to it, Twitter, Facebook,, PureVolume, you know the drill. From now on is the direct link to our page over there, by the way.

Besides that we updated the merch section and took out what wasn’t available anymore and put in the new EP. Get it while it’s still hot and pink! We also have some samplers (for instance the 15 years AFA compilation) which aren’t featured. Email us if you’re interested, we’ll throw in some nice goodies like stickers and posters.

And last the interview we did in Mülheim in March is online at Get Addicted. There’s also a live video at the same site with a new song.

Let us know if you can help us out with a show for one of our upcoming tours! B-bye!

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02 June 2009 ~ Comments Off on Back from tour, no email

Back from tour, no email

Sunday we got home from an incredibly enjoyable tour which brought us to some new places and got us in touch with some new faces. A tour report will obviously follow soon. Right now we are recovering and looking forward to the Dutch shows we have lined up for now. We'll even try out some acoustic songs on not so acoustic shows. Ah well, come and see!

At this very moment we're changing this very website from its very server, so there might be a chance that emails get stuck in between. If so, please resend your emails to Sorry for the inconvenience!

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05 May 2009 ~ Comments Off on Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

When Yvo and I (Willem) were young(er) we used to watch every touring band that visited Holland in a place called Doornroosje (sleeping beauty) in Nijmegen. A couple of bands that we saw there when they were still pretty unknown: Ten Foot Pole, Pulley, New Bomb Turks, No Fun At All, Lagwagon, Blink 182, Good Riddance, The Ataris, Refused, Green Day, and millions more. And of course all the Dutch heroes of that time. We once played the small side hall of Doornroosje at the last edition of a punk festival called Punk = Dead.

On June 10 The Gaslight Anthem will play Doornroosje and doing the support for that show will be the first time we get the chance to really play there. I think the expression "excited as little kids" is appropriate for us. So please come out and join us in this great melancholic and nostalgic victory! It will be worth it, since you won't be able to catch The Gaslight Anthem ever again in such an intimate venue. And we're gonna play quite some new songs too.

Furthermore we receive more and more reviews from Japan. Hard to tell what they mean, even though 5 stars seem good, right? Or do they rate the other way around? Check them here and here.

In other Asian news; our last album "Testimony" will be released in Malaysia through Embrace records. On tape! How awesome is that? The release is planned for June. Check Embrace records and order a copy at their site when it's out.
Tape! Nuts!

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06 April 2009 ~ Comments Off on Working on new stuff

Working on new stuff

As we speak we are working on new music, lyrics and a revolutionary way to combine those two. Most likely they will appears as "songs" on a future "album", but we can't guarantee "anything". It seems our previous album ("Testimony") is available in JAPAN exactly 1 year after the release in Europe! Check Fast Life Records on how to order some piece of that. Check out this review in Japanese (we think) and please let us know what it means. Does this really say we're NOT METAL?!

Since the amount of social networks is getting enormous and we can't keep up with updating them all, we want to stress that this website is and always will be the number one source to spread our shite from. Myspace is updated pretty often as well, but that's about it. Obviously, feel free to check out all the places we're trying to infiltrate to gain some "attention", or shamelessly increase your own crowd of "friends" by adding us at these places:










This is insane. And maybe we even forgot about 1 or 2 …


The Shield showcase was an enormous success. Thanks to all people for coming out (from far away!) and to Gert and Fieke for organising. Pictures can be found online here. Looking forward to March 21, 2010!

Furthermore we're still looking for some more shows on the tours (ao Germany/Poland) we have planned so far. Please see if you can help us out. That's it for now. New news next time.

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08 March 2009 ~ Comments Off on Und zurück!

Und zurück!

And we're back! We had a fine tour through Germany. Been to a lot of new places and met up with old friends. On top of that played some good shows and got some people in touch with our music. The perfect tour-combination. In Muelheim we did an interview with Get addicted. Go here to find a review and a video of the show. Featuring a new song! The interview will be up soon I guess. All in German. For us a piece of cake after a week over there. What's next …

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