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26 March 2013 ~ Comments Off on Tour, new merch and new album

Tour, new merch and new album

We spent our winter in the studio, recording our new album. Now we are happy to get out there again, play some shows and announce the release of our new album. Most of the news below was already announced through our newsletter last week. Sign up if you would like to be among the first to receive these updates.

Euro tour with Smile and Burn

Together with our friends in Smile and Burn we will be going across Europe. Check Smile and Burn, and come out to one of the shows.

  • 29-03 GER – Hamburg @ Rote Flora *
  • 30-03 GER – Rees @ Bistro *
  • 31-03 GER – Essen @ Weststadthalle *
  • 01-04 GER – Lindern @ Osterrock *
  • 02-04 FRA – Strasbourg @ Molodoi *
  • 03-04 GER – Ulm @ CAT
  • 04-04 CH – Luzern @ Treibhaus
  • 05-04 AUT – Lustenau @ Culture Factory
  • 06-04 ITA – Lodi (near Milan) @ CLAM
  • 07-04 ITA – Torri di Quartesolo @ Route 66
  • 08-04 AUT – Graz @ Sub
  • 09-04 AUT – Vienna @ Venster
  • 10-04 AVAILABLE!
  • 11-04 CZ – Prague @ Klub 007
  • 12-04 GER – Leisnig @ AJZ
  • 13-04 GER – Münster @ Baracke
  • 14-04 GER – Mönchengladbach @ Blaues Haus

* with City Light Thief, April 10 still available.

New merchandise

Since we sold out most of our merch we made some new T-shirts, girlies and tote bags for this tour. See if there is something you like and order from our web shop.
As always; shirt = 10 euro, shirt + album = 15 euro

Shirts and girlies are in black & navy, tote bags black & olive. Designed by Andrea @ It’s Simply Max.

Release of our new album

Time has come to lift a small piece of the veil; a title and release date have been chosen for our new album: “Perspectives & Objectives” will be released on Friday August 23rd, 2013. Before that date we will uncover more and more as the release gets closer, think pre-orders, music videos, streams, etc. So far these labels will be releasing our new album: Suburban Records (Benelux), Destiny Records (GER), Lockjaw Records (UK), No Reason Records (ITA), Angry Chuck Records (RUS), Undermusic Records (BRA), Destroy It Yourself Records (POR). More to be confirmed.

Awaiting this new release, we have  a free download of our last EP, “Future History”, including 2 songs that will re-appear on the new album.

Keep an eye on our site for ‘one more thing’ thursday! 

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12 December 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Mother Inferior music video


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10 December 2012 ~ Comments Off on Review: Future History – In Your Face webzine (Germany)

Review: Future History – In Your Face webzine (Germany)

Seit dem Eintritt in das neue Millenium gibt es die Holländische Emo Punkrock-Kapelle ANTILLECTUAL, wobei sich Emo im guten Sinne der Alten Schule der End-Achtziger Jahre versteht. Unspektakulär und von souveräner Hand von Sänger Willem geführt, erschienen ihre LPs und Singles aus dem Nichts. Ohne große Ankündigungen und Marketing sind sie einfach da. Ihre treuen Fans wissen darum und alle anderen Punkrocker sollten sich unbedingt um diese drei Mann starke Combo kümmern, denn es lohnt sich jedes Mal.

So verhält es sich auch bei der neuen Vier-Song-Single “Future History”, die ganz simple die Stärken der Holländer ausspielt. Das sind emotionaler Gesang, der nie weinerlich wird, hymnische Refrains, mal ruhige, mal schnelle, mitreißende Songs und immer korrekte Texte. Und ganz viel Gänsehaut. Alles das vereint der Opener und Titel-Track, der sich ganz tief in die Gehörgänge bohrt. “Mother Inferior” ist ein rasender Punkrocker, kurz und bündig und furios. “Because We Can” tut fast schon weh, so gut, so schön ist diese Nummer. Der Refrain geht einem nicht mehr aus dem Kopf. Eine klare Absage an Machotum und Sexismus ist das akustische “Pink Print” und erinnert, wofür Punk steht, nämlich Gleichheit und Individualismus.

ANTILLECTUAL sind aus der Szene unserer Nachbarn nicht mehr weg zu denken, repräsentieren sie den positiven und korrekten Geist des holländischen Punk von LÄRM über MAN LIFTING BANNER bis zu ANTILLECTUAL. All das Gute aus Punk in vier Songs!

Source: In Your Face
Rating: 10 / 10

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29 September 2012 ~ Comments Off on Out now: Future History. Full EP stream online

Out now: Future History. Full EP stream online

Yesterday, we released our 6th studio effort “Future History”. Together with a bunch of friends and the up-and-coming melodic punkrockers of Harsh Realms we celebrated this in a cosy rehearsal-room in Utrecht. We sure had a blast and would like to thank those who joined us. Tom Roelofs was kind enough to take some pictures, which can be found on our Facebook page. Also, many thanks go out to everyone who pre-ordered the EP!

So, with the release date behind us, it’s time we unleashed the EP upon the world. As of yesterday, you can stream the entire EP on our  website, listen to it on Spotify, or download it from iTunes. If you prefer your music digital, you can buy the EP from us directly through bandcamp for € 2.

The first reviews are coming in too. If your Dutch or Italian is any good, check what 3voor12 and Rock Rebel Magazine have to say about it.

More updates about the EP will follow as they come in. For now, we hope you enjoy your vinyl, digital download or the stream. The EP can be ordered right here.

To our German friends: hope to see you next weekend when we come over to Kassel and Bremen. To our Canadian / USA / Brazilian friends: we’re looking forward to seeing you very soon!

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14 September 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Future History music video


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