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05 September 2023 ~ Comments Off on NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2023: Fall tour coming up

NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2023: Fall tour coming up

Now that our new album is out and summer festivals have been a blast, it’s time to hit the clubs! We’ll be playing fun shows in Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, and we’d love to see you at one (or more!) of them! To spread the word about this TOGETHER tour we made a music video for Action Reaction. And of course you can still check the album physically and digitally.

Together fall tour dates

We’re very excited to play our new music to friends in cities we’ve been to before, and make new friends in places like Retie and Oberhausen. Expect many tunes from the new album on the setlist! For all tour details, tickets and Facebook events, visit the tour section on our website.

As a bonus announcement we have an Italian tour coming up:
Nov 09 Milano
Nov 10 Verona
Nov 11 Livorno
Nov 12 Torino
More news about that soon…

Wanna book us? Get in touch via email!

Action Rection music video

Action Reaction

Our friend Bram Bergs made a music video for ACTION REACTION to accompany the TOGETHER tour announcement! When releasing TOGETHER this track got a lot of positive feedback even though we never released it as a separate single. Now we’re making up for that with this great video starring your favorite decadent elitist populists! Check the video on our YouTube channel!


We’re still getting a lot of feedback for our new album! Some really love hearing the singles in an album context, others appreciate the theme and coherence of the album. To get an LP/CD/tape or check it at Bandcamp, Spotify and all the usual sources, visit the album page on our website! Find shirts and other albums in our webshop.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading our newsletter! Don’t be shy, hit reply; we love hearing from you… In the next episode you will find details for the Italian tour, and maybe a tour announcement with dates in the south-west of Europe?
Take care, Ben, Riekus & Willem

Missed our previous newsletter? Find it here!

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29 June 2023 ~ Comments Off on NEWSLETTER JUNE 2023: Together still

NEWSLETTER JUNE 2023: Together still

TOGETHER came out a month ago, and feedback has been overwhelming to say the least! Besides album reviews this newsletter includes a TOGETHER merch re-print pre-order. Shirts sold so fast that we’re getting more, if you want a smaller or bigger size, this is your chance to get one. Last but not least: the announcement of a bunch of fresh fall shows!

Together music

After not releasing physical music for 7 years, we were a bit anxious how people would respond to a new album. But holy shit, reactions were unbelievable! From both individual listeners and The Media! Check some reviews below!

All full of hooks, all with decent speed, nice and compact. […] Together is an energetic appeal to solidarity, cohesion and friendship. The band is vehemently opposed to capitalism, racism or homophobia and fights for animal rights and tolerance. An important move at a time when hatred and distrust rule and wars and environmental destruction are spreading

– Ox Fanzine

Together is chock full of punk anthems. I for one will be purchasing ‘Together’ and delving headlong into their back catalogue for more gems. I’d suggest you do the same

Mass Movement

Together is an outstanding album that should be on every punk rocker’s playlist. Antillectual have delivered another powerful record that combines irresistible melodies with a politically-charged message. With Together, Antillectual has shown that punk rock can still be relevant, forceful, and inspirational, showcasing that art can make a positive change

Thoughts, Words, Action Together merch

Together merch

If the reviews warmed you up to hear the album or form an opinion of your own, you can still support us via a physical purchase of an LP, CD or tape (almost sold out though), or a package with a shirt (30 euro) or 2 albums (20-25 euro) via our web store. For that authentic digital experience pick your streaming service of choice!


Because the TOGETHER shirts sold like crazy we will be doing a new run! Heads up: smaller and bigger sizes are only available for pre-order, will not be in stock afterwards, and orders need to be in before Friday June 30. Thanks for your support!


Together tour dates

Together live

People singing along to the new songs live is incredible! Let’s scream our lungs out together at one of these:

  • Jul 18 NL Nijmegen, De Opstand (Zomerfeesten)
  • Jul 22 DE Hannover, Skate & Destroy Open Air
  • Aug 09 SI Tolmin, Punk Rock Holiday
  • Aug 19 DE Stemwede, Stemweder Open Air
  • Sep 22 DE Wiesbaden, Kreativfabrik
  • Sep 23 DE Würzburg, Immerhin
  • Oct 04 DE Hildesheim, Club VEB (Kufa Löseke)
  • Oct 05 DE Wermelskirchen, AJZ Bahndamm
  • Oct 06 DE Kiel, Schaubude
  • Oct 07 DE Oberhausen, Druckluft
  • Oct 26 DE Hamburg, Hafenklang
  • Oct 28 DE Berlin, Circus Rhapsody Haunted House Party (Tommyhaus)

Info & tickets via our website. For bookings, get in touch!

Thanks for reading our newsletter. Don’t be shy, hit reply; we love hearing from you! It’s been a while, but in the next episode you will find an ITALIAN tour…
Take care, Ben, Riekus & Willem

Missed our previous newsletter? Find it here!


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19 November 2019 ~ Comments Off on Turkey Tour Report

Turkey Tour Report

Written by Willem – Last week we did our first tour through Turkey. We were over for 5 days, did 4 shows, in 3 cities: Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul twice. We had never been to Turkey before and were really excited to visit the most Arab/Middle Eastern influenced country we visited to date. It’s a cliche to say that in Turkey east and west meet, but we were really curious how this mix would translate to the punk scene, with its usually western focus. Despite the fact that not many punk bands from Turkey make it over to Europe, just like Turkish city life, the punk scene is relying on European/North American influences like bands, music, merchandise, etc. Nonetheless a lot of local bands sing in Turkish and they seem to include non-western influences like ska and reggae as well.

Of course, touring Turkey is not like touring Europe or North America. Especially compared to Europe there’s less touring infrastructure in Turkey. Venues are usually local bars with a small PA and just like when we toured South America, Russia and Japan, the venues provided the backlines. Meaning guitarists and bass players mostly get to play transistor combo amps and drummers get to play cymbals and drums slightly or brutally abused by drummers before them. When arriving at the venue, you never know what you’re gonna get. But I’m quite happy with the skills I grew to create a decent sound from a 30 watt transistor Crate amp. Fine tuning has become a new form of art for me.

Photo by Stormlit

Photo by Stormlit

The Turkish scene is surprisingly young, which is awesome to see! The audiences we played for, the bands we played with and the people in the organizations that booked our shows ranged from ages 17-30, on average definitely younger than what we’re used to. Resulting in dancing, movement and sing-alongs at every show, during the whole set. Despite being a partly Islamic country the amount of girls at the shows was higher than expected. It’s too bad we didn’t play with any bands with female members and some of the mosh pits and the dancing were rougher than you’d like to see at an inclusive show. But that happens all over the world unfortunately. The other bands we played with varied in styles a lot, from raging metal/hardcore to the expected skate punk rock sound to more grunge and stoner sounding bands. It’s nice to play mixed line-ups when they work out well, and they did!

Photo by Stormlit

Photo by Stormlit

What struck me most about the country in general was the huge variation and inequality between people living in rural areas and the city populations. Where the cities felt pretty European when it comes to modernity and wealth, the outbacks featured a lot of poverty and seemingly ruined houses. As you do on tour, we saw a lot of highways, which in Turkey means you will see a lot of people hitchhiking (and not only young alternative people), people riding their bikes on the highway, and traffic lights popping up out of nowhere. Many sheep and shepherds are making their way through the beautiful landscapes next to the road. It occurred to me that the roads follow the slopes of the landscape, where in North-Western Europe bridges and tunnels even out the highest peaks and deepest valleys. Funny trivia: renting a van without a driver is more expensive than with one included.

Photo by Stormlit

Photo by Stormlit

Unfortunately we also experienced an aspect of Turkish society/politics that we feared: repression and police brutality enforced by an authoritarian leader. After our show in Ankara a big group of the “moral police” started harassing a street vendor outside the venue. After interfering with the harassment, members of the Parazit Kolektif (our tour booker) and staff of the venue were beaten with batons, pepper-sprayed, handcuffed and arrested. The police even started to attack and spray random guests at the terrace of the venue and chased people down to the venue’s basement. An awful and completely uncalled for show of force to display their power. Padme, the band featuring members of the Parazit Kolektif wrote down what happened that night. At another instance we witnessed a peaceful feminist protest by a group of about 50 women minding their own business (pun intended), getting encircled by riot police without any obvious reason.

Check some more photos below, click here for a song from our set in Ankara (before the riots started). We are incredibly thankful we could do this amazing tour through Turkey, meet a lot of great people and see a lot of beautiful aspects of a country that has many issues. If you haven’t visited, go there, and attend a show! Many thanks to Parazit Kolektif for having us and making this awesome! Çok teşekkür ederim!


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05 November 2019 ~ Comments Off on Release Fever

Release Fever

Releasing singles gives us the opportunity to address “hot” topics immediately. We couldn’t bring you FEVER at a better (or worse?) moment: climate change protest is gaining attention worldwide. Check the beautiful FEVER video, new merch and lyrics & liner notes below. We hope to catch you at one of the shows!

new Antillectual single 'Fever'

Artwork and Video

Tes at Segolia Design created the beautiful FEVER artwork and she also made an animation video representing the song’s content in an incredible way. If you look closely you will even find us in it!

T-shirt with Fever print


With a new single comes new merch! The FEVER artwork comes on organic, vegan and fair trade shirts; in both tight and regular fit. Find them in our webstore, together with our other shirts and albums. Thanks for supporting our band!

Poster for Friends First Fest 5

1st Friends First Fest #5 Announcement

The presale for Friends First Fest has started! Beware: only a limited amount of tickets is available and previous years sold out. The price is flexible to keep it affordable for all. People under 18 can attend for free, and we have a small batch of “Long Time Friend tickets” for just 5 euro. All proceeds are donated to Brigada De Alter though, so we do encourage you to pay a little extra if you can. The line-up will be international, so foreign friends: remember that Nijmegen is close to the Münster / Ruhr / Köln area!


  • Talk by founding member Yvo: “Live your dreams, survive your setbacks”
  • Food by Guerilla Kitchen Nijmegen
  • Antillectual (surprise!)

More bands to be announced soon, keep an eye on the FB event!

Spreading the Fever tour

Come hear our new single live at the following shows:

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17 September 2019 ~ Comments Off on FINALLY TO FINLAND!


Finland was on our bucket list for a long time, especially since we had fun times in other Nordic countries in the past. We’re very excited going there in October for the first time ever! New territory means making new friends and watching new bands, this will be sweet!

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