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16 April 2024 ~ 0 Comments

Pussy Riot

The little tour with PUSSY RIOT was intense: their passion and tenacity is very impressive and inspiring! If you have the chance to catch them, go check them out! Inform yourself on what’s going on in Russia and support counter culture!

Pics by Roos de Huu, Sabine DG

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27 November 2023 ~ Comments Off on The dust might not settle for a while…

The dust might not settle for a while…

Leftist and centrist segments of Dutch society in general and we as a band are still in shock over the election results. Despite its liberal image the Netherlands have always been a right-wing leaning country. But an extreme right party winning the national elections is something that is still hard to imagine, let alone come to terms with (which we won’t!).

A lot of protests have already been organized and many more will follow. People are calling to bring together the majority of Dutch people that did not vote for Wilders/PVV. To those with perspectives that go against everything Wilders/PVV stand for, or to people feeling unwelcome because of Wilders/PVV winning the election: you are not alone in this, we got you, let’s do this together!

Geert Wilders and the PVV have been a subject since our anti-anti-Muslim song The New Jew for 2010’s Start From Scratch. Heads You Win, Tails We Lose was written after Trump and Brexit happened, but feels relevant during this post election hangover. Support Bands is an audio version of an emotional support animal; music to reinforce those with political/moral viewpoints that aren’t necessarily understood by people around them. Last week’s disaster will probably result in new songs and charity shows for those that now need additional help.

These stickers have been on my guitar since 2010. I thought about removing them every time I cleaned my guitar. I never did, realizing they were still relevant. The current one will remain on my guitar and we will make more, until they become irrelevant…

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11 June 2020 ~ Comments Off on These Are PUNK Times!

These Are PUNK Times!

It’s amazing to see a mainstream movement coming up. There is a long history of black emancipatory movements building up to this and it’s sad that tragic events like the police killing another black man are needed to get widespread attention. Nonetheless this can become a unique moment in history. It’s up to all of us to make it an actual page in the history books, and not just another people’s protest and hashtag without significant long term change.

Now that change is in the making, here’s things to think about for us as privileged, white, male members of a band that is active in a predominantly white male scene. It’s vital to keep thinking about what’s happening, keep educating yourself. Find the perfect balance between listening to and speaking up for the people that need support. Listen to people in other, less privileged positions, and position yourself. Be humble and understanding, and be an ally or ambassador for the group you’re not a part of. Keep protesting, but also sign petitions, lobby your members of parliament, and when elections come up, go vote. Use that privilege to help others who don’t have it or who are outnumbered.

We’ve been a political band since day one of our existence, but circumstances are changing and perspectives are shifting. As a band we hope to stay or become such allies and ambassadors, when and where we can. We hope to learn and evolve in a constantly developing world. This is the only way we can truly try to change this world and make it a better place. For all. Make sure to end up on the right side of history.

Some possibly interesting links:

Emo Nite Presents: Racism in the Punk/Alternative Scene: A conversation led by Black voices
“Being black is the most punk thing you can possibly do!” A panel including Jason from FEVER 333 and formerly Letlive (our 2011 tour buddies!).

20 Black Punk Bands You Need To Listen To
Featuring bands from underrepresented places like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique & more.

A playlist with Black Voices in Alt/Punk

POC ALT | The Scene in Color
A playlist to celebrate artists of color within the alternative music scene, mostly from 2010 – present. Black artists are at the top. Genres: punk, emo, indie, metalcore, hardcore, alt-pop, & any scene-adjacent artists.

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24 March 2020 ~ Comments Off on Every Crisis Is A Moral Crisis; the Corona edition

Every Crisis Is A Moral Crisis; the Corona edition

With events like these it takes some time to fully realize what’s going on. It will take even longer before all the dust has settled and it becomes clear what kind of impact Corona has on this generation. Most of us grew up in a world that was defined as a “postmodern society” or a “post 911-world”. Maybe this will shift into the “post-Corona generation”. A generation that never experienced a war, just economic crises, nothing that hit us directly or physically. Until now: we’ll be Corona survivors. Hopefully.

Meanwhile it’s important to unify this earth’s nation. Show solidarity with the ones suffering most from this pandemic. It is sickening to polarize our world under these circumstances and not support or even obstruct the current measures being taken for political gains. This is a non-political disaster happening to everyone, no exceptions made. Corona doesn’t discriminate. You’d think.

Because on the other hand, why treat this crisis differently than other crises? Simply because it’s also hitting us, the rich western people, and not only a minority somewhere at the other side of the world? Saying “This catastrophe is an unprecedented unique case” is a sign of privilege, of not feeling the impact of other disasters happening around the world.

Every crisis is a moral crisis. Even this one. Sometimes it’s hard to see what ethics have to do with for instance an earthquake or an epidemic like this. At first sight it might not be too evident, and moral appeals might not change the direct course of events during such catastrophes. First things first, get done what needs to get done. But when we look at how, for instance, epidemics come to existence (epidemic zoonoses are the result of how we see and treat animals) and what policies come into effect to “normalize” the situation, moral dilemmas become apparent and those in power have the option to take left or right turns. Naomi Klein wrote a terrific book about how catastrophes are being used to shift political paradigms seemingly unnoticed: The Shock Doctrine. A recommended read in times like these. This crisis could also be a great opportunity to do a factory reset; double check if we want to re-install certain mechanisms that are currently shut down because of the quarantines, that we might not want to see come back when we return to our normal lives.

It’s crucial to stay united and show solidarity with all involved. But it’s also important to stay critical of what’s going on, what decisions are being made and how power is being used. Some measures taken now seem obvious and necessary, but are unwanted to remain standard procedure. For instance: will cash payments return, will small (physical) shops survive and revive after the crisis? On the other hand, more online education options becoming available to more people and the increase of contacting people (far away) via digital communication might be nice side effects of this crisis. It will be crucial to check what choices will be made when the dust starts to settle, and how strong our unity will remain and how far our solidarity will reach then.

Stay safe, stay healthy! <3 

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26 June 2015 ~ Comments Off on Congrats to the US LGBT community!

Congrats to the US LGBT community!

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