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27 November 2023 ~ Comments Off on The dust might not settle for a while…

The dust might not settle for a while…

Leftist and centrist segments of Dutch society in general and we as a band are still in shock over the election results. Despite its liberal image the Netherlands have always been a right-wing leaning country. But an extreme right party winning the national elections is something that is still hard to imagine, let alone come to terms with (which we won’t!).

A lot of protests have already been organized and many more will follow. People are calling to bring together the majority of Dutch people that did not vote for Wilders/PVV. To those with perspectives that go against everything Wilders/PVV stand for, or to people feeling unwelcome because of Wilders/PVV winning the election: you are not alone in this, we got you, let’s do this together!

Geert Wilders and the PVV have been a subject since our anti-anti-Muslim song The New Jew for 2010’s Start From Scratch. Heads You Win, Tails We Lose was written after Trump and Brexit happened, but feels relevant during this post election hangover. Support Bands is an audio version of an emotional support animal; music to reinforce those with political/moral viewpoints that aren’t necessarily understood by people around them. Last week’s disaster will probably result in new songs and charity shows for those that now need additional help.

These stickers have been on my guitar since 2010. I thought about removing them every time I cleaned my guitar. I never did, realizing they were still relevant. The current one will remain on my guitar and we will make more, until they become irrelevant…

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26 October 2021 ~ Comments Off on The New Normal

The New Normal

We had an incredible time at Die Börse in Wuppertal! Our first “post-pandemic” show, with our new bass player Ben!

As you could have read in our latest newsletter Toon decided to leave the band right before the pandemic. We’re incredibly thankful for his dedication during the 5 years he was with us and we wish him all the best with his musical endeavors!

During the downtime we had plenty of time to think about what to do. Instead of looking for one and one bass player only, we decided to build an “army of bass players”.

This makes it easier for us as a band to be flexible and doesn’t require people to cancel their own lives when helping us out. At the moment Gijs (Zero Zero Zero, Tenement Kids) and Ben (Dependent) are jumping in.

The spirit is high, we’re very excited to play with them, come welcome them at the upcoming shows!

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27 December 2018 ~ Comments Off on Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018

2018 & Friends First Fest – in retrospect

We are thankful and happy that we get to end every year with Friends First Fest. It’s an incredible way to end the year, and yesterday was no exception! Thanks to the massive group of people making De Onderbroek packed and sweaty, the way we like to see it! Sorry to the people that got turned down at the door for the venue being too full already. Next chance next year! Not unimportant, together with Minor Operation Donations we managed to raise over 1300 euro for Help Refugees!

2018 was a strange but good year for us! We started by closing the ENGAGE cycle and shooting and releasing a video series for Change the Standard. An enormous project which we couldn’t have done or wouldn’t have been as much fun without the help from so many friends.

In 2018 we took a turn from our standard routing and started doing some things differently. Most noticeable we have stopped writing, recording and releasing albums. Instead we have started a song-by-song approach since June 2018. We were very anxious to release our first two singles (Heads You Win, Tails We Lose & The Invisible Hand Meets the Visible Fist) but were relieved when the response turned out overwhelming. We got to record the singles with Martin Beusker at Mailmen Studio, and something we will release in 2019 (to be continued!) with our sound tech Emiel and Menno Bakker at the Amsterdam Recording Company. We’ve shot videos with Younique Film, Ivana Smudja and many of our friends for our music videos of 2018.

We played less shows in 2018 because of study related obligations, which will continue in the first half of 2019. But the shows that we did were great! The Loud & Rising Tour with Green Lizard and This Means War, festivals like Manchester Punk Fest, AntAttack, Uncle M Fest, Booze Cruise, Riez Open Air, The Sound of Revolution, Bierschinken Fest and an amazing weekend in Spain for Actitud Fest. We had incredible shows in Liège, Minden, Wermelskirchen, Kiel, Osnabrück, Hamburg and many other places. We got to say goodbye to Adhesive in our hometown/living room and met and shared the stage with all time heroes No Fun At All and Propagandhi multiple times. We also got to say goodbye to our loyal van for 10 years and hello to our new red menace!

2018, you’ve been good to us. And by that we mean “THANK YOU!” to all who checked us out, came to a show or helped us out otherwise in 2018! Another big thanks to our solid partners The Living Proof Agency, Loud Noise, Uncle M Music, Redfield Records. And last but definitely not least a big “THANKS!” our steady rock crew Roos and Emiel, and all others that joined us on the road!

Catch you on the other side! Willem, Riekus, Toon

PS: check our best of 2018 playlist here

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23 January 2018 ~ Comments Off on Whatsapp Service

Whatsapp Service

You might be checking our website because you’re not active on social media. If so, we now have an even easier way of keeping you up to date: whatsapp updates! You will receive important updates instantly on your phone, maximum 1 per month. We’ll also let you know when we play a show in your area.

What to do to join? There 3 options:
– Visit to subscribe
– Or add +31651708169 to your contacts and send us a message with your name, city, country
– Or scan the QR-code below

Our updates are spam free and free of charge. You can unsubscribe any time by sending us “Get me out of here!”, and we will delete your contact.

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05 January 2012 ~ Comments Off on Looking back and forward: what a year it was & will be!

Looking back and forward: what a year it was & will be!

Looking back on 2011 proves we had a busy year. We did around 110 shows, including the support for Boysetsfire on their reunion tour, for Rise Against on their biggest German show to date, and for De Heideroosjes on their farewell tour. 2011 brought us to new places like Russia, Greece, Hungary and Scotland, and saw us play at Eurosonic/Noorderslag, Riez Open Air and the Jupiter Singfest for the first time. The year started with our van passing the 500.000 km mark, and we ended the year with a steady 545.000 on the meter. This does not even include our trips to Russia and Greece, which we did by plane.

We sure made a lot of miles in 2011, literally and figuratively. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this possible: promoters, people coming to the shows, helping hands on tour, and in special Sylvia and Jacho at Destiny, Glenn and Sandro at Mighty Vision, Vladimir and Sergej at Play It Loud, Apostolis at WAK, Etjen at Just Like Your Mom for always thinking along and our steady tour-help Thomas.

Something we are neither proud nor ashamed of: this year we played with 4 different bass players (thank you Tom, Tim and stand-in Koen!), resulting in Glen as our steady new bass player. In 2011 we also released our first ever music video.


While we can look back happily on a busy and hectic 2011, we prefer to look forward and focus on what is yet to come. Here’s what we have planned for 2012 so far. More to come!

New Website

On January 1st we launched our new website, something we’ve been looking forward to for a while. If you want to know what is going on with us, listen to our albums, check our tour dates or just get in touch, our website is the most trustworthy place to go. Subscribe yourself to its feed and be up to date all the time.


More new territory: On February 1st our latest album “Start From Scratch!” will be released in South America through Undermusic Records (Mute, Forus, End of Pipe). South America has been on our radar for a long time now, and we’re very glad to get our music out there. A South American tour will follow.

Upcoming shows

In the first months of the new year we will be playing in Germany a lot. These are our upcoming shows:

JAN 11 GER Münster, Lorenz Sud
JAN 12 GER Aachen, Headquarter
JAN 14 GER Lindern, Teestube
JAN 16 GER Mainz, Kulturcafe
JAN 25 GER Frankfurt, 11er
JAN 26 GER München, Glockenbachwerkstatt. w/ Grizzly Tours
JAN 27 AUT Innsbruck, PMK. w/ 7 Years Bad Luck
JAN 28 GER Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei. w/ Glorious Thieves, Red Button
FEB 16 GER Saale (Halle), VL Ludwigstrasse
FEB 17 GER Kamen, JKC
FEB 18 GER Braunschweig, B 58
MAR 3 NL Zeist, De Peppel. w/ The Living Daylights, Sidewalk, Life’s Too Short For Us
APR 14 GER Köwerich (Trier), Rock im Kabuff (Jugendheim). w/ Finding Faith, Corman, A Hurricane’s Revenge

Not close enough? Want to book us in your city? Email us! For an always updated tour-schedule, check out the tour section.

New album

Maybe the most exciting news for 2012 is that we will be working on a new album. We are currently writing new songs and playing them into shape. Recordings will follow next winter the soonest. We’ll be playing these new songs on stage too, so come hear for yourself at a show and let us know if you like it!


If you want us to stay an active, recording band in 2012 please support us through our merch and albums available at our webshop. Other ways to make the world go round for an independent band: follow us on Facebook, Twitter or spread the word by mouth about all our music on (for free or pay-what-you-like). Much appreciated!

Thanks a lot for bearing with us in the past year. See you on the road in 2012!

– Willem, Glen and Riekus

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