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11 June 2020 ~ Comments Off on These Are PUNK Times!

These Are PUNK Times!

It’s amazing to see a mainstream movement coming up. There is a long history of black emancipatory movements building up to this and it’s sad that tragic events like the police killing another black man are needed to get widespread attention. Nonetheless this can become a unique moment in history. It’s up to all of us to make it an actual page in the history books, and not just another people’s protest and hashtag without significant long term change.

Now that change is in the making, here’s things to think about for us as privileged, white, male members of a band that is active in a predominantly white male scene. It’s vital to keep thinking about what’s happening, keep educating yourself. Find the perfect balance between listening to and speaking up for the people that need support. Listen to people in other, less privileged positions, and position yourself. Be humble and understanding, and be an ally or ambassador for the group you’re not a part of. Keep protesting, but also sign petitions, lobby your members of parliament, and when elections come up, go vote. Use that privilege to help others who don’t have it or who are outnumbered.

We’ve been a political band since day one of our existence, but circumstances are changing and perspectives are shifting. As a band we hope to stay or become such allies and ambassadors, when and where we can. We hope to learn and evolve in a constantly developing world. This is the only way we can truly try to change this world and make it a better place. For all. Make sure to end up on the right side of history.

Some possibly interesting links:

Emo Nite Presents: Racism in the Punk/Alternative Scene: A conversation led by Black voices
“Being black is the most punk thing you can possibly do!” A panel including Jason from FEVER 333 and formerly Letlive (our 2011 tour buddies!).

20 Black Punk Bands You Need To Listen To
Featuring bands from underrepresented places like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique & more.

A playlist with Black Voices in Alt/Punk

POC ALT | The Scene in Color
A playlist to celebrate artists of color within the alternative music scene, mostly from 2010 – present. Black artists are at the top. Genres: punk, emo, indie, metalcore, hardcore, alt-pop, & any scene-adjacent artists.

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04 May 2015 ~ Comments Off on Go team mom!

Go team mom!

Go team mom!

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28 December 2012 ~ Comments Off on Year list 2012

Year list 2012

How’s everybody doing? Stuffed yourselves well enough during Christmas? Bought enough fireworks to celebrate the new year? Are you bored in between those two “highlights” of the year? In case the latter applies we made some sort of year-list. Even though our scene will always be focused on what is happening on that other side of the Atlantic Ocean, it is incredible how much awesome music comes from our tiny country and our less tiny continent. These are only some of the real highlights in 2012 from Holland and Europe. It’s about time to recognize, we’re in this together!

Astpai – Efforts and Means
They totally killed it at Fest 11. In 2012 they served us amazing live shows, a new album and documentary. Europe’s second-hardest-working band 😉

Smile and Burn – We Didn’t Even Fight Yet
This is best described as a combination of the Beatsteaks and Lifetime. Or something like that. Catchy and melodic on record; energetic and funny as hell live.

Harsh Realms – Sink in Time/Chemistry EP
Most promising band from Holland in 2012. But only 2 songs on this EP, and unfortunately only 1 of them on youtube. They played our EP release party and kicked kont! New album next year?

Bedtime For Charlie – Bright City Lights
Italy’s kings of pop punk. Can easily live up to their North American collaegues. RIYL The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, Transit, Run For Cover Records. All combined on this Album

Bangers – Good Livin’
I’m sure you know them, coolest UK band at this moment, friendliest dudes. Played a completely packed Onderbroek last Sunday. This is only an EP, hopefully a new album soon.

Coral Springs – Greetings From
Female vocals, you know we’re suckers for that. Newest female fronted all star band from Holland. EP!

Insane/Despite Everything – Split
Two powerhouses from Greece/Balkans, serving you melodic/melancholic unity. This 10″ actually made me hook up my record player again after breaking down.

Bad Ideas – Murder of Gods
“New” band from Sam, formerly of The Living Daylights. Sweetest dude from the UK, killing it whether playing solo or with band. The British Goo Goo Dolls if we may say so? Album out on Shield Recordings.

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28 February 2011 ~ Comments Off on The ones who make it through – a short film by Randy Frykas

The ones who make it through – a short film by Randy Frykas

Remember those cool Canadians called High Five Drive? We spent a week on the road with them last year and played the Groezrock festival, the UK, Naaldwijk, Belgium and France together. During that tour, their friend / film maker Randy Frykas shot a lot of video footage that was edited into this short film called ‘The ones who make it through’. After being broadcast on Winnipeg on Demand, the complete film is now available from Randy’s vimeo channel. In randy’s own words:

When it comes to bands on tour most people think huge buses, sold out arenas and partying but independent touring is a whole different world. Sleeping on floors, days without showering, broken down vans and sinking more and more in debt are common occurrences for this kind of touring.

To us, the story told in this film is very familiar, and if you’re in a band yourself you’ll probably recognize a lot of situations. If you’re not in a band yourself, this film is the ultimate way to see what it’s like to tour independently. Enjoy!

THE ONES WHO MAKE IT THROUGH – Full Length Documentary from Randy Frykas on Vimeo.

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06 October 2010 ~ Comments Off on Less than a month …

Less than a month …

Our new album will be out in less than a month. The labels have received their albums and are taking pre-orders for “Start From Scratch!”. Please visit their sites, pre-order our album and support us, the labels and get yourself a nice pre-order-extra.

If you happen to live in France make sure you check out Effervescence Records’ web store for another reason. They now carry the Fat Wreck Chords catalog. Including albums by NOFX, Propagandhi, Rise Against, Good Riddance … you know the list.

In case you are a US citizen, check out the Square of Opposition Records for a similar reason. After our last tour we left our band stock with them. They now have that stuff up for sale. Including our old albums on CD and LP, limited USA tour shirts and great Square of Opposition Releases.

Angry Chuck Records (Russia)
Destiny Records (German, Austria, Switzerland)
Discos Rayados Records (Spain)
Effervescence Records (France)
Infected Records (Portugal)
Lockjaw Records (United Kingdom)
Shield Recordings (Benelux)
Square of Opposition Records (USA)
No Reason Records (Italy)
5 Feet Under Records (Scandinavia)

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