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29 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the support!

And that too, you can interpret in two ways. Because first we would like to thank everybody that showed their support after we had to cancel a part of our upcoming tour in june. Thanks for all warm words in emails, myspace messages and comments. It seems everybody understands our decision and has no hard feelings and that’s good to know. We’ll make it up soon. Promise.

And second of all (you can all stop feeling sorry for us here) we heard we will do the support for Propagandhi, Anti-Flag and Death by Stereo in the upcoming months. If that doesn’t compensate any hurt …

This month we have played with great bands like Strike Anywhere, A Wilhelm Scream and Story of the Year who are big influences on us. But the one band that is our biggest influence ever (plagiarism, anyone?) was still on our “to do list” though, and now finally we will play a show with the almighty Propagandhi. Right now we’re looking for a new number 1 on our to do list. Maybe it is not being sued by those guys after they heard us play? On top of that the show with Anti-Flag will be in the Melkweg, a venue where we visited a shit load of shows ourselves. It’s really great to play there with our own band now.

With Anti-Flag: June 26; Melkweg in Amsterdam
With Death by Stereo: July 20; Dynamo in Zurich (Switzerland)
With Propagandhi: August 5; JOC De Nartist in Temse (Belgium)

Furthermore, we have done some interviews while we were at the Give It A Name Fest in Milano, Italy and you can find some of that footage here (there’s a report for the Give It A Name Fest too) and here. All in Italian I’m afraid. We also did an interview with La Nariz Roja, a Spanish zine. They will release a sampler with one of our songs on it together with the newest issue. So in case you’re from Spain and interested …

As Riekus already mentioned before we have some new, Testimony-inspired, T-shirts. Check the merchandise section for the design and how to order one. To be complete: you can get our newest album for 5 extra euros if you order a shirt.

And last we found a new review of our Waves 7” in an American zine. Check it out here.

By the way, feel also free to leave a comment on this very website!

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13 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on Assorted summer news

Assorted summer news

Is your weather as great as ours? Hopefully it is. But, what's your excuse to sit behind a computer then? Ah wel … this is my excuse:

This weekend we will be playing the Give It A Name Fest in Italy, Milano. We'd love to invite all Italians to come over, but we simply don't have all your email addresses. Therefore No Reason Records put our new album temporarily as a stream on their website to promote our show at Give It A Name. If you are Italian and want to read about us in your native language go here, Noize Italia did an interview with us.

For our tour in June we're still missing some dates for which we'd love to have shows. Please check the show section and let us know if you're able and willling to help us out. Would be much appreciated! In our own little country we keep on getting more and more shows confirmed. See the same show section for details.

Remember the news that Just Like Your Mom's new van got crashed? In case you didn't believe it, here's some proof for you:

Pretty F'ed up, no? Fortunately Mom will be getting a new toy again soon.

And, as usual, we have some new reviews for you. Check em out here or under the "About" section. Both Testimony and the Waves EP have been reviewed lately.

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04 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on New website and news letter

New website and news letter

Welcome to our new website! This site is online since a couple of days now and we're very happy with all the positive reactions we've had so far. It is still not completely finished, but you can check more than you could ever do on our myspace: Tour reports, shows, reviews, photo’s, subscribe to our RSS-feed, order T-shirts, hoodies, girlies, albums, etc. And on the new website you can comment on news items, reports, reviews, interviews, everything without having to register or anything. Please, feel free to leave a comment, we’d appreciate it! A lot of thanks to Suzette ( and our own Riekus for creating this website.

Yesterday we also sent out a brand new news letter. If you want to sign up for it please send us an email. Below you can find some high lights from it:

If you want to order our album, we have some “Special Offers” for you: old & new album = 15 euro, album & T-shirt/girlie = 15 euro. From now on you can also go to to order our new album on both vinyl and CD.

Speaking of reviews, we’re getting back more and more of them and they keep amazing us. Even people in Germany seem to be able to enjoy our music, how’s that? Some quotes:

8.5/10 Antillectual has every right in the world to be mentioned among bands like THE LOVED ONES, A WILHELM SCREAM or AGAINST ME! When listening to "Testimony" you realize how much heart those guys put into writing and composing. You get the feeling of holding a record in your hands that European punkrock can pin its hope on. (Slam Magazine (ger))

The Nijmegen and Arnhem based Antillectual is possibly Holland’s hardest working punkrock band. The frequent playing caused Antillectual’s growth into a determined, politically aware punkrock machine. (Oor (nl))

With the current lack of serious substance in mind, Testimony is a release that definitely should be cherished. (Fret Magazine (nl))

97/100 Punk has seldom sounded so inspired. An album for the year lists! I doubt the new Anti-Flag album will be a match for this album. (Up Magazine (nl))

88/100 A band that spreads its message with this much passion and integrity and, on top of that, is a treat for the ear, what else could one wish for? How beautiful punkrock can be sometimes. ( (nl))

Where most bands try it, Antillectual does it and makes it look really easy. A true parade of different punk rock styles. ( (nl))

8/10 Testimony is more than just a very good album. It’s a labour of love, with songs that are not merely entertainment, but which also carry a message. ( (lux))

Antillectual convinces me totally. This is one of the best punk/hardcore releases in recent months. ( (ita))

Testimony is undoubtedly an incredibly coherent and meticulously thought out piece of music. ( (ita))

This is a band that does the walk instead of doing the talk. And we don't have too much of this today. (Misfitzine (por))

If you have a zine or know a zine that should feature a review, get in touch with us and we might be able to arrange something. You can check the complete reviews we received here.

Because of the release of our album “Testimony” we did several (online) interviews. You can find some of those here:
KD Cobain (Italy, in English and Italian)
Bobby In A Volvo (Belgium, English)
Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Italy, Italian)
All interviews we’ve ever done will also be available on our website.

We just got back from our tour through Scandinavia a couple of days ago and on our myspace you could read some reports from that trip. You can find the complete written report here and check some pictures here. And long awaited: here is a diary of how we recorded “Testimony” in August of last year. All other tour videos are still to be found there too, you can subscribe yourself to our account too.

And if just coming back from a tour isn’t enough, we’re preparing two new ones at that. This time we’re going back to places we’ve been before: Germany, Austria, Italy and France. There’s still some dates left open and we would really appreciate your help since the dates are coming closer and closer:

Fr June 13 Germany, Regensburg, Jahninselfest. W/ The Gaslight Anthem
Sa June 14 Germany, Zwiesel, Jugendcafe
Su June 15 Slovenia/Austria – Available!
Mo June 16 Slovenia/Austria – Available!
Tu June 17 Italy/Austria – Available!
We June 18 Italy – Available!
Th June 19 Italy – Available!
Fr June 20 France – Available!
Sa June 21 Lux/Fr/Ger – Available!
Su June 22 Holland, Steenwijk, Trashfest

We Jul 16 Germany: Available!
Th Jul 17 Austria: Available!
Fr Jul 18 Austria: Vienna, Arena. w/ Supernichts
Sa Jul 19 Italy: Carpenedolo. Extreme Sounds Festival
Su Jul 20 Italy/France: Available!
Mo Jul 21 France: Available!

We also get the luck to play some of the coolest shows the upcoming months including very nice festivals. Yesterday we already played with Strike Anywhere, Agnostic Front, Madball and many more (great) bands on the Jera on Air festival in Ysseltsteyn, the Netherlands. May 17 we will be playing the Give It a Name festival in Milano, Italy. The festival features (great) bands like Strike Anywhere, Story of the Year, Silverstein, Vanilla Sky and again many more. We’ll also be playing on the Jahninselfest in Regensburg together with The Gaslight Anthem and the Trashfest in Steenwijk in June, the Mystage fest in Drachten, the Funtime fest in October and the Offshore Skatefest in August, both in Belgium. On top of that we have some more awesome shows with Strike Anywhere, Story of the Year, Brat Pack and The Real Danger. If you want to help us out with a show, you’re very welcome. We’re always looking for shows!

That's it for now, enjoy the weather!

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14 April 2008 ~ Comments Off on Scandinavia here we come

Scandinavia here we come

Some last words from us before we enter the tour van together with Smash the Statues to leave for the north. We're really looking forward to play territories we've never been before and we've heard great stories about. We'll keep you up to date through updates and tour reports.

We received some more photo's from the release show we did on March 21 in Arnhem. Check our picasa picture site for the last additions we got from Lars Jansen.

We keep receiving new reviews from our record. below is the review Fret Magazine (Dutch) wrote about us.

Antillectual – Testimony
Since the succesful debut album Silencing Civilization (2005) Antillectual’s sound changed little. On the new CD Testimony the Nijmegen based punk band still sounds loud, raw and very determined. Especially singer/guitarist Willem adds a great emotional value to the songs with his singing and guitar parts. He sounds best in the more melodic punk rock songs. Particularly in the modest I Hate Myself When I Shave Myself he strikes the right tone. Testimony starts off euphoric with the title track and stays that way until the beautiful and accessible final song I Hope You Got My Letter. There’s not much too laugh about on Testimony and the message that Antillectual has for its listeners, is very obvious. With the current lack of serious substance in mind, Testimony is a release that definitely should be cherished. wrote this:

Antillectual from the Netherlands are the antithesis of their band name. This young band, who just released their second album, not only packed a lyrics sheet into the splendidly looking digipack, but they also explain the background of every song, which is a good idea, as it makes you understand their motivations much better. Ranging from the personal to the political, I mostly agree with their points of view, although at times they are a little too radical for me. In my opinion, it rarely is ok to smash windows and throw bricks (On Its Own), and by accusing Al Gore of making money out of Global Warming (Waste = Food), they may have a point, but Al Gore opened the eyes of more people than a DIY punk band ever will.
Musically, the album is bookmarked by two slower and longer songs, the four minute opener Testimony which has some nice piano parts, and the seven minute closer I Hope You Got My Letter. In between Antillectual attacks with short but surprisingly melodic punk rock songs. The vocals are shared by the three members of the band and sound raw, charismatic and to the point. Their technical capacities on their instruments are just as perfect, and it’s great how filled their songs are despite them only being a three-piece. Most of the times, they sound like a Europeanised Strike Anywhere, but the melodic I Hate Myself When I Shave Myself shows them from a mellower side.
Testimony is more than just a very good album. It’s a labour of love, with songs that are not merely entertainment, but which also carry a message which is definitely important to the band. To make it easier to get the album, it’s been released on different labels in different countries: Fond Of Life (Germany), Infected (Portugal), No Reason (Italy), Rise Or Rust (Austria), Shield (Netherlands) and Youth Way (France). Furthermore, instead of putting a copyright on their music, they released Testimony under the Creative Commons licence, which makes it legal to burn your own copies. What better way to spread your message?
Antillectual attacks with short but surprisingly melodic punk rock songs. The vocals are shared by the three members of the band and sound raw, charismatic and to the point.
Their technical capacities on their instruments are just as perfect, and it’s great how filled their songs are despite them only being a three-piece. Testimony is more than just a very good album. It’s a labour of love, with songs that are not merely entertainment, but which also carry a message.

If you want to improve your Italian (or your English) there's a perfect occasion on There you can find an interview with us in both Italian and English. About the new record, politics, other bands and selling out.

That's it for now. Hope to see you on the road or behind your computer. Take care. 

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26 March 2008 ~ Comments Off on Release tour and party

Release tour and party

Again it's been a while since we interrupted you. And yet so much has happened in the mean time. The new release is going like crazy, we went on tour which was a mixed succes and we played a release show that was beyond our wildest dreams.

The tour report for the tour in March, the pictures we took and the video material we shot will be up soon. As soon as the new website is up, we'll post it there. What I can tell you already is that this tour was not our best ever, we had 2 last minute shows, and 3 days off, the most we've ever had on tour, and I must say it's the worst thing that can happen to a bad and its motivation. On the other hand, the shows that we aplyed were really awesome, with quite some people coming out, and being in Portugal for the first time was really amazing. A lot of thanks go out to Joao from Infected Records who did an amazing job arranging everything for us in Portugal. Again, more soon to come.

4 days later after we got back from Portugal we had the "Testimony release show. We expected it to be a great party. But what happened was beyond our craziest imagination. The show got sold out during Gewapend Beton playing third, and unfortunately a lot of people got sent back home when they tried to get in after. Even some idiots felt the need to fight their way in. Thanks to all the bands (New Pokerface, Smash the Statues, Gewapend Beton and The Real Danger) for showing up and playing their asses off. Also a lot of thanks to Hans and Niels and everyone else at The Stage, and most of all, thanks to all people showing up, singing along, going crazy during the show and buying the new album. If you don't believe any of the above, we got pictures to proof: check. See?

in response to the new album we got a shitload of new reviews. too much to mention them all. again, as soon as the new website is finished we'll post them there. here is the review of, one of holland's most important punk/hardcore portals:

Antillectual – Testimony (Shield)
Antillectual is the only Dutch DIY band, besides No Turning Back, that is willing to take that next step in music. Touring constantly across the globe to spread their music and message, these three guys from Nijmegen and Arnhem wholeheartedly dedicate their lives to this band. Where most bands try it, Antillectual does it and makes it look really easy.

“This is or testimony of the things we see happening around us and we do not agree upon”

This line is taken from the explanation of the opening track “Testimony” (a Boysetsfire-esque intro song) and pretty much sums up the lyrical content of this record. Some isssues they adress, like war, feminism and broken promises, are more important than others (“scene” issues or corporate advertising) but all lyrics are spot on and written with sincerety. And sincerity is the basis of all great things. Every song is explained to make sure that you know what they are singing and screaming about.
In comparing “Testimony” with “Silencing Civilization”, one is struck by the musical progress since that time. Dynamic changes, intelligent songwriting, richly colored melodies. A true parade of different punk rock styles. Being a conservative prick when it comes to punk rock music, I’m losing my head over songs like “Sponsorship for life” and “Benefit of the doubt”. Unbelievable! But all the pieces work extremely well together even though the ending can be a bit of challenge due to the length of both the song “I hope you got my letter” and the Shawshank Redemption sample.
A Sturm und Drang approach to political punk rock is certainly not unique but proves to be the most memorable. It should be no suprise that fans of Propagandhi and Strike Anywhere will do themselves a huge favor by checking out this uncanny record.
Rating: 4,5 out of 5


if you want to order the album, or some other stuff get in touch through email.

some interesting offers:
– our old and new album together for 15 euro
– a shirt and an album together for 15 euro 

furthermore we have a lot of new shows added, especially in may with some very cool bands. check them yourself. hope to confirm some more soon as well. in april we will be hitting the (serious) road again, together with our good friends from smash the statues. really looking forward to that one. unfortunately we're still looking for some shows, if you can help us out it would be highly appreciated.  also if you have a show for us anywhere else, we're always looking for places to play, even more now we have a new album to promote. so please, let us know!

As said, we're working on a new website, we're actually filling it in with content and doing tests, so it's finally getting somewhere. no promises on when it will be online though, those have been broken more than enough. hope to see or hear from you soon!

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