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24 November 2012 ~ Comments Off on Interviews: True Sound (Canada), Daily Hardcore and Praia Hardcore (Brazil)

Interviews: True Sound (Canada), Daily Hardcore and Praia Hardcore (Brazil)

We’re very happy that Neto and the people at Daily Hardcore took the time to ask us some questions about our trip to Brazil earlier this month. If you’d like to read about our expectations of touring in Brazil, how we experienced our first shows there and what our future plans are, go ahead and check out the interview. Obrigado!

Also, the guys at Praia Hardcore sat down and had a little talk with us in Novo Hamburgo. A talk that involved our musical influences, experiences in Brazil and some more things. You can find that interview below:

Last, but definitely not least, we were asked to have a chat with Seb from True Sound (Montreal, Canada) on the first day of our Americas tour. Check it out below:

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21 September 2012 ~ Comments Off on Teaming up with Peta2: merch to be won!

Teaming up with Peta2: merch to be won!

We’re very happy to announce that we are cooperating with Peta2 Germany, a subdivision of an organization called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They focus mainly on informing young people about vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights. Our cooperation means that we will bring flyers etc. to our German shows that can enlighten you about the benefits of leading an animal-friendly life. On our USA tour, we will also bring some PETA-materials, thanks to Peta USA.

To introduce us to their followers, Peta2 has put up a little interview with us (in German). There’s also a little merch-giveaway where you can win a copy of our new EP and some extra goodies. In good old fashioned German: Ihr könnt fette Merchpakete gewinnen, also ab hier hin!


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24 November 2010 ~ Comments Off on Now the dust has settled …

Now the dust has settled …

Alright, so we have calmed down a little after releasing our new album on November 1st and touring France after that. How are you doing? The feedback so far has been more than mind blowing and jaw dropping. Below you can find some feedback that reached us, some interviews we did and some reports of what has been going on the last weeks. If you know of more reviews, interviews or the like, please inform us! And of course you can still download all our music including our new album (for free or for a donation) at or order a CD or LP at our webshop. Let us know what you think of it, speak freely.

To promote our new album we are gonna play live a lot. See “SHOWS” for all shows, including our “Release Benelux Tour”. Some shows we want to emphasize, in order of appearance:

Dec 3 NL Nijmegen Merleyn RELEASE SHOW “START FROM SCRATCH!” w/ The Real Danger, This Routine Is Hell

Jan 5 GER Available! w/ Red Tape Parade
Jan 6 GER Augsburg Ballonfabrik w/ Red Tape Parade
Jan 7 GER Available! w/ Red Tape Parade
Jan 8 GER Berlin Scherer8 w/ Red Tape Parade, Man the change
Jan 9 GER Available! w/ Red Tape Parade

Jan 13 NL Groningen Eurosonic / Noorderslag: Shadrak, Main w/ Turbostaat, Kvelertak, De Staat, Death Letters, Destine, Kensington, MakeBelieve, Only Seven Left, The Opposites, and so many more … (January 15 we will play acoustic at Eurosonic/Noorderslag for Live in Your Living Room)

As you can see we are still looking for some shows and confirmations for our German tour in January. Where should we drop by? Let us know!

For Dutch blog Eerste Hulp bij Plaatopnamen Riekus reported how we set up, executed and received feedback on our streaming project around the release. For Dutchies interested, read the third part of the trilogy! A lot of people, zines and other media have been writing about us lately. Here you can find a selection of those pieces:

Our interview at Punkfiction
(in French)
Our interview at Noize Italia
(in Italian)
Our interview at Dagheisha
(in Italian)
Our interview at Roar Ezine
(in Dutch)

(in Italian)
(in Italian)
Metalorgie (in French)
(in French)
(in English)
(in English)
(in English)
Rockfreaks (in English)
In-your-face (in German)
(in German. 5 out of 5 stars!)
(in Finnish)
Revolution-music (in Danish.
6 out of 6 stars!)
(in Dutch)
Roarezine (in Dutch)

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07 May 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Bye Five Drive, Hi Next Tour!

We got back from a very awesome tour bringing us to the Groezrock festival, the UK, Queensday in Holland, Just Like Your Mom’s HQ and the traditional Le Havre Mayhem. A lot of thanks to those coming out to our show at Groezrock and the shows we did in the UK and the mainland. Thanks to promoters for organizing and hosting. And thanks to High Five Drive for accompanying us on this trip and making it very worthwhile. A proper tour report will follow later.

Ashes Records, Never Trust an Asshole Zine and Fond of Life Records recently released a sampler featuring one of our songs together with a lot of really great bands. Check those samplers: Ashes Records, Never Trust an Asshole Zine (download zine and sampler) and Fond of Life Records. The Never Trust an Asshole Zine actually includes a recent interview with us.

For our upcoming tour we are still really in need of shows. So far we are going to Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Belgium. If you want to help us out with a date or two we’d be extremely grateful. Even though we are a very frequently touring band, booking never is an easy job and can’t happen with your help. In Antwerp (BEL) we will be playing with Hot Water Music on June 14 and on June 15 we will support Down By Law in Arnhem (NL).

Dates so far:
May 26 Germany Freiburg Haus der Jugend w/ Far Off The Zoo
May 27
May 28 Italy Poirino MT Beer Festival
May 29
May 30
May 31
Jun 1
Jun 2 Slovenia Ajdovš?ina TBA w/ Argetti
Jun 3
Jun 4 Austria Wien EKH
Jun 5 Austria Wiener Neustadt EntroP’s Extended
Jun 6
Jun 7
Jun 8
Jun 9 Czech Republic Hradec Kralove La Putika
Jun 10 Poland Wroclaw Wagon Club
Jun 11 Germany Berlin Subversiv
Jun 12 Germany Holzminden Juz
Jun 13
Jun 14 Belgium Antwerpen, Trix. w/ Hot Water Music
Jun 15 Netherlands Arnhem, Willemeen. w/ Down By Law, Brat Pack

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09 October 2009 ~ Comments Off on From Switzerland with …

From Switzerland with …

Right now we are in Switzerland for our tour with After the Fall. Things are going great. Good shows, a lot of people showing up and enjoying both bands. When we were in Bremen we did an interview for Waste of Mind. Please check it 0ut if you’re German is OK or if you have ambitions to improve it. Hope to see you soon!

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