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07 January 2022 ~ Comments Off on Pandemic Propagandhi Project

Pandemic Propagandhi Project

Below you can check the full acoustic cover of Propagandhi’s Less Talk More Rock by Willem and The Punk Cellist! During the pandemic Unscripted Moments (a podcast about Propagandhi) asked Willem to join them on 3 episodes. For those he recorded acoustic covers of Less Talk More Rock and Mate Ka Moris with The Punk Cellist, and he recorded vocals to Propagandhi’s instrumental track Contest Song with lyrics by Matt Milkowski. Find all 3 songs in this playlist!

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11 April 2020 ~ Comments Off on Pre-order Covers EP

Pre-order Covers EP


Our Covers EP will come out on May 12, starting today you can pre-order it! We created some nice bundles including a shirt design, stickers, pins and full length albums. Check in tonight to hear Willem play some (cover) songs from our HQ!

Pre-orders for the Covers EP


You can now pre-order our Covers EP via our webshop! We added some nice bundles with a Cover Shirt, full length, tapes, stickers and pins options. Since getting merch at a store, show or festival is not an option at the moment we added reduced prices on multiple EPs. That way you can order a couple and distribute them to your friends (at 1,5m distance!) or throw one in their mailbox as a quarantine gift. Distribute It Together! With every pre-order comes an instant download of 2 tracks.
Order the Covers EP / Cover shirt / Cover EP+shirt / Covers EP tape / EP+Shirt+Album bundle

Acoustic Live Stream

Tonight, Sunday April 12, at 20h00 CET Willem will do an acoustic live session to celebrate that pre-orders are available. Come hang out, expect some of the covers from the EP and some original songs. BYOB, tell a punk! Check in to our Facebook or Instagram page to join in!

Live acoustic session Sunday April 12 20h00 CET


In the overview below we also included the shows that got canceled because of Corona. We can’t guarantee that the other shows will take place. Keep an eye on our site, FB, Insta or Twitter for more info and instant updates if anything happens.

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22 June 2015 ~ Comments Off on Working on acousticity

Working on acousticity

Working on acousticity, shredding some hollow wood! …
We’re playing De Kaaij festival in Nijmegen on July 13, come out and chill!
#europunk #politpunk #progpunk #acoustic

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29 May 2015 ~ Comments Off on Recording Sauce

Recording Sauce

This week we recorded some additional percussion and acoustic guitars, or “sauce” as they call it at Split Second Sound. Coming along incredibly well!
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Pictures or it didn’t happen!

And now, off to Stumpf in Hannover tonight, and Frotheim Open Air tomorrow!

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25 February 2014 ~ Comments Off on Pull the Plug EP, re-release and stream

Pull the Plug EP, re-release and stream

In 2009, when only Frankie Stubbs knew how to play acoustic punk, we released our acoustic endeavor “Pull the Plug”. This EP is currently sold out. But when screen printing the covers back then we fucked up. 38 times. Therefor we have 38 EPs left without a cover. To solve this we made a rainbow of new/limited/one-off covers (are you feeling the Sochi reference?). You can now order one of those last 38 copies at our webstore. If you have a preference for a color combination let us know and we can see if we have anything matching.

Following up on our “limited-edition-one-of-a-kind-re-release” of our acoustic EP Pull the Plug, we also put it online at our youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe to that channel to stay up to date with all music and videos we release over there.

The Pull the Plug EP was recorded with Nico of XPZ Sound in our rehearsal space of that time: my (Willem) parents’ place. Yvo plays acoustic guitar in stead of bass. It was released in 2009 by our friends from Shield Recordings, No Reason Records and Sums Records. The original 3-way PINK artwork by Gijs!; 200 PINK EPs, 300 black.

Benefit of the Doubt  and  Because We Can  were previously released as normal versions, while these were the first (and only acoustic) appearances of  The New Jew  and  The Hunt Is On, later featured as amplified songs on “Start from Scratch!”.

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