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Pull the Plug EP, re-release and stream

In 2009, when only Frankie Stubbs knew how to play acoustic punk, we released our acoustic endeavor “Pull the Plug”. This EP is currently sold out. But when screen printing the covers back then we fucked up. 38 times. Therefor we have 38 EPs left without a cover. To solve this we made a rainbow of new/limited/one-off covers (are you feeling the Sochi reference?). You can now order one of those last 38 copies at our webstore. If you have a preference for a color combination let us know and we can see if we have anything matching.

Following up on our “limited-edition-one-of-a-kind-re-release” of our acoustic EP Pull the Plug, we also put it online at our youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe to that channel to stay up to date with all music and videos we release over there.

The Pull the Plug EP was recorded with Nico of XPZ Sound in our rehearsal space of that time: my (Willem) parents’ place. Yvo plays acoustic guitar in stead of bass. It was released in 2009 by our friends from Shield Recordings, No Reason Records and Sums Records. The original 3-way PINK artwork by Gijs!; 200 PINK EPs, 300 black.

Benefit of the Doubt  and  Because We Can  were previously released as normal versions, while these were the first (and only acoustic) appearances of  The New Jew  and  The Hunt Is On, later featured as amplified songs on “Start from Scratch!”.

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