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Thanks for the support!

And that too, you can interpret in two ways. Because first we would like to thank everybody that showed their support after we had to cancel a part of our upcoming tour in june. Thanks for all warm words in emails, myspace messages and comments. It seems everybody understands our decision and has no hard feelings and that’s good to know. We’ll make it up soon. Promise.

And second of all (you can all stop feeling sorry for us here) we heard we will do the support for Propagandhi, Anti-Flag and Death by Stereo in the upcoming months. If that doesn’t compensate any hurt …

This month we have played with great bands like Strike Anywhere, A Wilhelm Scream and Story of the Year who are big influences on us. But the one band that is our biggest influence ever (plagiarism, anyone?) was still on our “to do list” though, and now finally we will play a show with the almighty Propagandhi. Right now we’re looking for a new number 1 on our to do list. Maybe it is not being sued by those guys after they heard us play? On top of that the show with Anti-Flag will be in the Melkweg, a venue where we visited a shit load of shows ourselves. It’s really great to play there with our own band now.

With Anti-Flag: June 26; Melkweg in Amsterdam
With Death by Stereo: July 20; Dynamo in Zurich (Switzerland)
With Propagandhi: August 5; JOC De Nartist in Temse (Belgium)

Furthermore, we have done some interviews while we were at the Give It A Name Fest in Milano, Italy and you can find some of that footage here (there’s a report for the Give It A Name Fest too) and here. All in Italian I’m afraid. We also did an interview with La Nariz Roja, a Spanish zine. They will release a sampler with one of our songs on it together with the newest issue. So in case you’re from Spain and interested …

As Riekus already mentioned before we have some new, Testimony-inspired, T-shirts. Check the merchandise section for the design and how to order one. To be complete: you can get our newest album for 5 extra euros if you order a shirt.

And last we found a new review of our Waves 7” in an American zine. Check it out here.

By the way, feel also free to leave a comment on this very website!

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