13 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on Assorted summer news

Assorted summer news

Is your weather as great as ours? Hopefully it is. But, what's your excuse to sit behind a computer then? Ah wel … this is my excuse:

This weekend we will be playing the Give It A Name Fest in Italy, Milano. We'd love to invite all Italians to come over, but we simply don't have all your email addresses. Therefore No Reason Records put our new album temporarily as a stream on their website to promote our show at Give It A Name. If you are Italian and want to read about us in your native language go here, Noize Italia did an interview with us.

For our tour in June we're still missing some dates for which we'd love to have shows. Please check the show section and let us know if you're able and willling to help us out. Would be much appreciated! In our own little country we keep on getting more and more shows confirmed. See the same show section for details.

Remember the news that Just Like Your Mom's new van got crashed? In case you didn't believe it, here's some proof for you:

Pretty F'ed up, no? Fortunately Mom will be getting a new toy again soon.

And, as usual, we have some new reviews for you. Check em out here or under the "About" section. Both Testimony and the Waves EP have been reviewed lately.

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