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02 June 2009 ~ Comments Off on Back from tour, no email

Back from tour, no email

Sunday we got home from an incredibly enjoyable tour which brought us to some new places and got us in touch with some new faces. A tour report will obviously follow soon. Right now we are recovering and looking forward to the Dutch shows we have lined up for now. We'll even try out some acoustic songs on not so acoustic shows. Ah well, come and see!

At this very moment we're changing this very website from its very server, so there might be a chance that emails get stuck in between. If so, please resend your emails to Sorry for the inconvenience!

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23 January 2009 ~ Comments Off on About the show-section…

About the show-section…

Hi there! We're about to go on tour, it's less than a week away. We're excited! Somehow the show-section isn't working (don't look at me, I'm a technofoob!). But if you want to know where we're playing, please check our myspace, that's always updated. Hope to see you soon! Love. Rage. Always. Yvo

UPDATE: stuff should be working again. If you ever find the shows page to be empty, drop riekus a line at riekus at antillectual dot com. 

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05 December 2008 ~ Comments Off on Youth heroes

Youth heroes

Some small updates. First of all we'll be playing with a band that was a major influence on us when we started this band: No Use For A Name. Really exciting to be sharing the stage with them. And, as if it isn't enough, Only Crime will be playing too that night. Speaking of "All stars".

And for some reason it slipped through our fingers, but from now on you can find all our lyrics on this website. Look here for Testimony lyrics and here for Silencing Civilization lyrics. If it's written it's true! We also added the USA tour shirt we brought home to the merch section.

Furthermore we expanded our online hegemony through creating both a Twitter account and group. Click on them to find out what is what and sign up or join if you feel like it. They are both still pretty much in a starting phase, so feel free to fire them up.

That's it. Hope to see you on the UK tour we're leaving for in exactly 1 week.

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19 November 2008 ~ Comments Off on Miscellaneous


So we're back from one tour, and have announced the next one as well. A lot is happening over here. And to keep you up to date as much as possible we'll try to update this site a little more often. Feel free to comment on stuff we're posting. "Communication is what it's all about" sing two major bands, so let's do it.

First of all, if you happen to have/find reviews, pictures, videos, whatever from our USA tour, please send them or a link to us. We like to keep track and collect a lot of souvenirs this way. A written tour report and the last episode of the tour video report are to come.

For the Americans that are looking for ways to order our merch cheaper than from us (shipping costs and stuff) check out Jump Start Records for the Testimony LP. For the CD/LP of Silencing Civilization and the Testimony CD get in touch with Square of Opposition Records. He is more up to date with his email than with his website. Don't you worry. Square of Opposition also has some left over T-shirts from our USA tour up for sale. Soon they will be for sale through this website too. About that; we sold out some old shirt designs and updated this on the merch section. The remastered Silencing Civilization CDs and LPs are available for ordering.

We also found some new reviews of Testimony in German at Waste of Mind fanzine and Blueprint Fanzine, in English in Can You See the Sunset, Punktastic. On top of that the German zine Ox did an interview with us. You can find the online version here. Soon there will be an interview on and Last Hours. As if we wouldn't let you know.

Phil from Black Numbers Records (Static Radio, Purpose, Rock,star) asked us if we would like to participate in a Kid Dynamite tribute "Carry the torch" they are releasing together with Copper Lung Records and Get Outta Town Records. And of course, we're honoured. There's a list of already confirmed other bands which is quite exciting. So next weekend we'll be recording Kid Dynamite's "Wrist rocket" and perhaps some demos for our own new songs. If there's enough time though.

For now we hope to see you at the Speak Out Fest which can't go wrong with a line up like this: Smoke or Fire, Fake Problems, Tenement Kids, Brat Pack, Rush 'n Attack, Omission, Brito.

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18 September 2008 ~ Comments Off on live from mannheim

live from mannheim

We're almost two weeks into this tour and still alive! Currently, most of the travelling party is a the Paint it Black show in Trier, but Willem and i decided to stay at Juz Mannheim to get some emails and stuff done. And guess what: we have some more tourreport online. Check out part 2 of the tourreport

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