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07 July 2009 ~ 2 Comments

All the small things

So we had 3 very nice shows last week of which 2 acoustic. And I must say it’s going better and better. Reactions are overall positive. Obviously we aren’t going for the popularity vote beacuse you know that some people will prefer loud guitars over acoustic ploink ploink. Make up your own mind and listen to a song on our Myspace. Anyhow, liked our acoustic 7 inch so much they made it CD (!) of the week and gave us a nice review.

In the mean time Riekus has been busy updating this site and improving what was not perfect yet, and now it all is! You can search this site through the search field on the top right, and some more social networks have been added next to it, Twitter, Facebook,, PureVolume, you know the drill. From now on is the direct link to our page over there, by the way.

Besides that we updated the merch section and took out what wasn’t available anymore and put in the new EP. Get it while it’s still hot and pink! We also have some samplers (for instance the 15 years AFA compilation) which aren’t featured. Email us if you’re interested, we’ll throw in some nice goodies like stickers and posters.

And last the interview we did in Mülheim in March is online at Get Addicted. There’s also a live video at the same site with a new song.

Let us know if you can help us out with a show for one of our upcoming tours! B-bye!

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24 May 2009 ~ Comments Off on From the back of the van

From the back of the van

First of all thanks for all heartwarming reactions we got on the title of our previous post/news letter/press release. We promise to never do it again. We hope you can forgive us.

A tiny update from the back of the van again. So far we’ve had four shows on this tour and right now we are having a little two day break in Berlin, where we’re being hosted by our friends Vincent and Sophie. Unfortunately we have two days off, but there’s worse places than Berlin to sit through the day. The show in Dresden got cancelled somehow and that means we’ll have a last minute show at the VoKu in Finsterwalde in stead where we’ll disturb people’s dinner by means of an acoustic show.

The tour has been treating us kind up to this moment. In Erfurt we were asked to do an interview and two acoustic songs on Radio F.R.E.I. You should be able to listen to it somehow through this link. Our first experience in Poland was interesting to say the least. Extremely nice people speaking a language that is hard to follow. And today we spent 4 hours in an enormous traffic jam between Poland and Berlin, but a highway can be entertaining outside a van as well.

Hope to see you at a show to come:
May 26 Ger Finsterwalde VoKu *Acoustic*
May 27 Cz Republic Prague 007 Club w/ Criminal Damage, Germ Attak
May 28 A Wiener Neustadt Bandhouse
May 29 Ger Zwiesel Jugendcafé Zwiesel
May 30 Ger Chemnitz ajz-chemnitz w/ I Walk the Line, Trainwreck, Just Went Black, Glasses, North Shore, Kenzaris Middle Kata, Vengeance Today, Down on knees I'm weak, Komissar X

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06 April 2009 ~ Comments Off on Working on new stuff

Working on new stuff

As we speak we are working on new music, lyrics and a revolutionary way to combine those two. Most likely they will appears as "songs" on a future "album", but we can't guarantee "anything". It seems our previous album ("Testimony") is available in JAPAN exactly 1 year after the release in Europe! Check Fast Life Records on how to order some piece of that. Check out this review in Japanese (we think) and please let us know what it means. Does this really say we're NOT METAL?!

Since the amount of social networks is getting enormous and we can't keep up with updating them all, we want to stress that this website is and always will be the number one source to spread our shite from. Myspace is updated pretty often as well, but that's about it. Obviously, feel free to check out all the places we're trying to infiltrate to gain some "attention", or shamelessly increase your own crowd of "friends" by adding us at these places:










This is insane. And maybe we even forgot about 1 or 2 …


The Shield showcase was an enormous success. Thanks to all people for coming out (from far away!) and to Gert and Fieke for organising. Pictures can be found online here. Looking forward to March 21, 2010!

Furthermore we're still looking for some more shows on the tours (ao Germany/Poland) we have planned so far. Please see if you can help us out. That's it for now. New news next time.

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17 January 2009 ~ Comments Off on Japanese release Testimony

Japanese release Testimony

Hell yes! After a release in Europe through six labels, a USA release through Jump Start Records we are now proud and anxious to announce a Japanese release of Testimony through Fast Life Records! The record will be out in March and will contain some special bonus material. Check their myspace for information on Fast Life Records and the release (their blog if you understand any Japanese … but doesn't it look awesome?). We can't wait to get a copy of these.

If you happen to be from Brasil or understand Portugese, check out this item on MTV Brasil (scroll down a bit). And if anyone could tell us what they are saying we'd be pleased to know!

Since we want to get rid of some stock of old samplers you now get one for free with any merch order over 5 euro. So if you had doubts, this might make up your mind? Or maybe even more reason not to do it?

Since we try to penetrate all social networks around, Riekus created a Twitter account to which you can subscribe yourself if you want. And why not. We also started a Facebook account. But haven't done much to it yet. Again, feel free to drop by, subscribe, and perhaps even give us any tips on how to get that thing proper looking. Since it doesn't right now.

And last but not least is an interview in the UK fanzine Last hours with Yvo and Riekus. A video interview! Thanks to our friend Tom! Please check out Last Hours for sure, one of the best European zines around. For now.

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01 January 2009 ~ Comments Off on UK tour report

UK tour report

Hey all, happy pappy new year! Hope you enjoyed your holidays and hopefully we all can continue our "normal" lives again. May 2009 bring you nice punkrock and prosperity for all.

Speaking of useless end-of-the-year-rituals, made a year list that actually features our last release, even though the release was pretty early this year. Check it out. Nice top 5!

For our UK tour Yvo wrote a tour diary that we put on our site. This is a direct link. A USA tour report is still to come, hopefully soon!

By the way, did we ever tell you someone must have been bored enough to create a wikipedia page about us? Check! Feel free to add and complete the page. Now that's DIY!

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