06 April 2009 ~ Comments Off on Working on new stuff

Working on new stuff

As we speak we are working on new music, lyrics and a revolutionary way to combine those two. Most likely they will appears as "songs" on a future "album", but we can't guarantee "anything". It seems our previous album ("Testimony") is available in JAPAN exactly 1 year after the release in Europe! Check Fast Life Records on how to order some piece of that. Check out this review in Japanese (we think) and please let us know what it means. Does this really say we're NOT METAL?!

Since the amount of social networks is getting enormous and we can't keep up with updating them all, we want to stress that this website is and always will be the number one source to spread our shite from. Myspace is updated pretty often as well, but that's about it. Obviously, feel free to check out all the places we're trying to infiltrate to gain some "attention", or shamelessly increase your own crowd of "friends" by adding us at these places:











This is insane. And maybe we even forgot about 1 or 2 …


The Shield showcase was an enormous success. Thanks to all people for coming out (from far away!) and to Gert and Fieke for organising. Pictures can be found online here. Looking forward to March 21, 2010!

Furthermore we're still looking for some more shows on the tours (ao Germany/Poland) we have planned so far. Please see if you can help us out. That's it for now. New news next time.

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