17 January 2009 ~ Comments Off on Japanese release Testimony

Japanese release Testimony

Hell yes! After a release in Europe through six labels, a USA release through Jump Start Records we are now proud and anxious to announce a Japanese release of Testimony through Fast Life Records! The record will be out in March and will contain some special bonus material. Check their myspace for information on Fast Life Records and the release (their blog if you understand any Japanese … but doesn't it look awesome?). We can't wait to get a copy of these.

If you happen to be from Brasil or understand Portugese, check out this item on MTV Brasil (scroll down a bit). And if anyone could tell us what they are saying we'd be pleased to know!

Since we want to get rid of some stock of old samplers you now get one for free with any merch order over 5 euro. So if you had doubts, this might make up your mind? Or maybe even more reason not to do it?

Since we try to penetrate all social networks around, Riekus created a Twitter account to which you can subscribe yourself if you want. And why not. We also started a Facebook account. But haven't done much to it yet. Again, feel free to drop by, subscribe, and perhaps even give us any tips on how to get that thing proper looking. Since it doesn't right now.

And last but not least is an interview in the UK fanzine Last hours with Yvo and Riekus. A video interview! Thanks to our friend Tom! Please check out Last Hours for sure, one of the best European zines around. For now.

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