05 December 2008 ~ Comments Off on Youth heroes

Youth heroes

Some small updates. First of all we'll be playing with a band that was a major influence on us when we started this band: No Use For A Name. Really exciting to be sharing the stage with them. And, as if it isn't enough, Only Crime will be playing too that night. Speaking of "All stars".

And for some reason it slipped through our fingers, but from now on you can find all our lyrics on this website. Look here for Testimony lyrics and here for Silencing Civilization lyrics. If it's written it's true! We also added the USA tour shirt we brought home to the merch section.

Furthermore we expanded our online hegemony through creating both a Twitter account and Last.fm group. Click on them to find out what is what and sign up or join if you feel like it. They are both still pretty much in a starting phase, so feel free to fire them up.

That's it. Hope to see you on the UK tour we're leaving for in exactly 1 week.

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