17 April 2007 ~ Comments Off on almost ready

almost ready

this week we will finish the mix of the new recorded songs. we've heard a premix and we're "ultra" excited already. expect a new song online next week. there will be several samplers featuring the new songs as well. we'll keep you posted on those releases.

the upcoming recordings will be very exhausting financially speaking, and therefore we have made some offers you simply cannot refuse, once you checked them out (paradoxal, isn't it?). we are "selling out" because we've invested quite a bit in merchandise over the years and we are gonna need all the cents we can scrape together for the recordings. please check the merch section if you've tried all the refusing but gave in. if you think you have an interesting offer yourself, surprise us and let us know!

we also added some new shows, both national and international. as we told you before (and cannot mention enough), we will be touring the u.s.a. again in july. together with a band called static radio. they will join us in september and october on a european tour to return the favour. if you're interested in having us play in your town, check the shows section and we'll see if we can work something out.

thirdly, all the tour reports have been uploaded and put in the photo section, even if they don't include photo's. some old ones that weren't online before are up now as well, even the 2004 u.s.a. tour report.

and last but not least: there's bob-news! the good thing is: bob is still active behind his drum kit. the bad things is: together with (former) members of last to go, all under age and the shining he plays in a band called "frightening fiction". just kidding, no bad news, it's an awesome band with the coolest scenstars holland will ever produce. their first gig will take place april 19 in de onderbroek in nijmegen together with brat pack and the tenement kids. go check em out since the stuff i already heard is amazing. fast! 

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