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Dear all

We're about to leave on tour again, but before we leave we have another update. From today on "Testimony", the new album, is officially available through shops all over Europe, and of course through us. If you're interested email us info@antillectual.com. There's also new shirt/girlies/hoodies/zippers available that we'll bring on tour. Get in touch if you want to order one of those too.

If you're still in doubt, let these reviews help you make the right decision. A lot of Italian reviews, since No Reason Records is doing a great job over there. From Up Magazine we received this amazing review. This month's issue also features an interview with us.

The craftsmanship and melody that form the quality of the Antillectual live shows now finally have been recorded on the album "Testimony". With this album the band is in now way inferior to likeminded bands like Rise Against, Strike Anywhere and Hot Water Music. The political punk with a raw edge is catchy and contagious. It makes you want to mosh and sing along to songs like "Sponsorship for life", "Waste = food" and the title song. But also emo and indie rock fan can relate to this album. The three Dutchmen have a clear message, which they spread intelligibly in the beautiful booklet. Punk has seldom sounded so inspired. By far the best release on Shield Recordings up to date and an album for the year lists! I doubt the new Anti-Flag album will be a match for this album.


Arold Roestenburg

From Portugal we received a review from Misfit zine myspace.com/misfitzine:

This highly anticipated second album from this band, which hails from Holland since 2000, is a piece of good Punk-Rock, with hardcore riffs and catchy chorus, which will knock you down!

With the lyrics focused on both political and personal issues, the themes talk about war/anti-war, trends and commercialism! Musically speaking, the production is very good, the guitar is really cool and melodic, and the drums are powerful!

This is a band that does the walk instead of doing the talk, I can see! And we don't have too much of this today! Be sure to listen to this folks and grab a copy!

My favorite tracks are "Friendly Fire" and "Sponsorship For Life", which shows the two sides of the album. Great!

We received even a review of our old record "Silencing Civilization" on punknews.org. look at it here More reviews will follow soon.

Speaking of our old releases, we're almost sold out of both "Silencing Civilization", the "Waves" 7" and our demo "Facts Opinions & in Between". "Silencing Civilization" will be repressed through Shield Recordings on CD. There are plans to release the album later this year on vinyl/12"/LP as well. In case you're interested to help out releasing/distributing this thing let us know.

Speaking of vinyl; Shield recordings releases "Testimony" on vinyl, and actually has some Waves 7"es left. If you order the LP through Shield Recordings, you get a Waves 7" for free. As long as they're available.

And, since we're embarking on a tour as we speak, it's about time to announce a new one. Together with our good friends from Smash the Statues we will be going to Scandinavia. Thank god it's in April and temperatures will be acceptable by then. If you can help us out with some dates over there, please get in touch: info@antillectual.com.

Our friends from No Reason Records made a "Testimony Wall paper" to cheer up your view when you're at the office, or at home, or … 1024×768 and 1280×1024.

And last but not least, you can still stream the album on the 3voor12 "Luisterpaal".
How are you doing?

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