12 February 2008 ~ Comments Off on new album “TESTIMONY”, release show and tour

new album “TESTIMONY”, release show and tour

Hello All!

Comment ca va? We have the best news in three years to tell you: we have a new record, "Testimony"! And a lot more things coming along with that. Please read on below:

* New album TESTIMONY is available!
* Release show
* Upcoming tour
* Reports
* Website down
* All tour dates

New album TESTIMONY is available!
You can order the CD from today. The price is 10 euro (excl shipping). Get it through pre-order from the following labels:

* Fond of Life Records (Germany, United Kingdom, Luxembourg) joe@fondoflife.net / http://www.myspace.com/fondoflife
* Infected Records (Portugal) infected_records@yahoo.com
* No Reason Records (Italy) info@noreasonrecords.com / http://www.myspace.com/noreasonrecords
* Rise or Rust Records (Austria) info@riseorrustrecords.com / http://www.myspace.com/riseorrustrecordcompany
* Shield Recordings (The Netherlands and Belgium) info@theshieldhardcore.com / http://www.myspace.com/shieldrecordings
* Youth Way Records (France) Alex@youthwayrecords.com / http://www.myspace.com/youthwayrecords
If you don't live in any of these countries in Europe, please order it from a country near you. In Europe the LP version will only be available through Shield Recordings. The band will sell the album (CD+LP) at shows from March 3. This is also the date when the album is available in shops throughout Europe. If you are a label or distributor interested in our record, get in contact with a label near you for wholesale prices.
If you haven't listened to the new songs, you can check them online at our myspace, we recently added a new song called "Friendly Fire". There you can also take a look at the beautiful artwork by Gemma Pauwels. The first review of the album is in already; if they all could be like this one … please have a read:

Antillectual – Testimony

From mid-tempo melancholic post-punk to thrashing punkrock! Antillectual is far from ashamed to militantly show its versatility on the band's second full-length album. Indeed, Silencing Civilization's successor is a straight up hit! Recognizable melody, emotion, and passion combined with somewhat unconventional structures, inventive guitar riffs and vocal harmonies. Propagandhi meeting A Wilhelm Scream meeting Strike Anywhere meeting No Use For A Name meeting Bad Religion with a hint of Hot Water Music? No, totally different! (But somewhat alike).

From the rising of the drums in opening song Testimony to the fade out of the swelling sounds in I Hope You Got My Letter, all are a feast for the ear and eye. Not the least for the eye, because again the socially critical lyrics and their explanations can be found in the booklet.

Plusses are among many things the hot Maiden riff in The Dog Ate It! and pleasantly up-tempo rocking songs like Waves and On Its Own. The only blot is the length of I Hope You Got My Letter that tends to stand out in that way. This could be a personal objection that no one agrees with though, so don't be bothered. If the record contained 4 more songs I wouldn't even have noticed.

Well, a band that spreads its message with this much passion and integrity and, on top of that, is a treat for the ear, what else could one wish for?How beautiful punkrock can be. *Sigh*

Score: 88/100

Some more publications will follow soon, including Testimony reviews and interviews in Up Magazine and Long Live Rock 'n' Roll among others.

Release show
To celebrate the new release we're having a release show on March 21. It will take place in cafe The Stage in Arnhem. Other bands playing will be Holland's finest:
* The Real Danger
* Gewapend Beton
* Smash the Statues
* New Pokerface
Entrance is 5 euro and it all starts at 19.30. If you're from Holland you can make it back by public transport for sure.

Upcoming tour
To present this brand new album to the rest of the world we'll be going on tour some more. Starting in March, going to France, Spain and Portugal.

The dates so far:
March 5: Paris (Fr.), Le Palais Bar
March 6: Toulouse (Fr.), Cave de la Notte
March 7: Spain, available
March 8: Spain, available
March 9: Spain, available
March 10: Spain, available
March 11: Spain, available
March 12: Faro (Por.), Associação Músicos. W/ Part Time Killer
March 13: Guia-Albufeira (Por.), FNAC
March 14: Cascais (Por.), Lotus Bar. W/ Part Time Killer, Breakloose, Mr. Shrink
March 15: Entroncamento (Por.), Lareira Bar
As you can see, there are some holes to fill. Please, let us know if you can be of any help. It would be very much appreciated.

On our last tour in January we experienced some hard times in the UK and some overindulgence in Germany. If you want to know more, you can read our tour report here, check out the pictures we took here, and watch the tour report we filmed here (including English subtitles (!) for you non-Dutchies).

Website down
As some of you might have found out already, our website is temporarily down. We're awaiting the new website to be launched. In the mean time you can of course check all information on our myspace . When the new website is ready you'll be able to read all old reports we made, check all pictures we took, order all merch available, and get more details that myspace can't offer you.

All tour dates:
Mar 5 2008 paris (fr.), palais bar
Mar 6 2008 toulouse (fr.), cave de la notte
Mar 7 2008 spain, available
Mar 8 2008 spain, available
Mar 9 2008 spain, available
Mar 10 2008 spain, available
Mar 11 2008 spain, available
Mar 12 2008 faro (por.), associacao de musicos
Mar 13 2008 albufeira (por.), fnac store
Mar 14 2008 cascais (por.), lotus bar
Mar 15 2008 entroncamento (por.), lareira bar
Mar 21 2008 RELEASE SHOW! arnhem (nl.), the stage. w/ gewapend beton, the real danger, smash the statues, new pokerface
Apr 19 2008 aalborg (dk), baghuset. w/ smash the statues
Apr 23 2008 karlstad (swe), tolvmansgatan. w/ smash the statues, ends like this (swe)
Apr 26 2008 lund (swe), hemgarden. w/ smash the statues
May 11 2008 rotterdam (nl.), waterfront. w/ a wilhelm scream (usa)

In the next newsletter hopefully some more news about non-European release plans for Testimony, some more European tour dates (Italy, Austria, Germany, France), non-European touring and new Testimony-inspired shirts/girlies/hoodies.

Thanks, you made it, friends 'til the end!

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