30 March 2008 ~ Comments Off on Interview bobby in a volvo

Interview bobby in a volvo

Hello all, recovered from the Give It a Name news? We haven't. Feel free to spread the word.

Bobby In a Volvo from Belgium did an interview with us and posted it online, for those interested you can check it here.

If you heard our new album and you're interested in some older tunes, you can still listen to/stream our old album "Silencing Civilization" on our Pure Volume account, "befriend" us, please.

We added some new shows. But still: not enough! We wanna play play play! If you can get us a gig: nice!

For the people that want to get in contact with us, it's better to email us directly than send a message on our myspace. We receive myspace messages, but we check mail more often and it simply works way easier for us. Looking forward to your email!

That's it for now! Take care!

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