28 March 2007 ~ Comments Off on first words after recording

first words after recording

were: "hell yeah, that feels real good!" we had a lot of fun recording and the premature results, the unmixed songs we took home, are very satisfying already. we simply can't wait to record the songs for the full length later this year. nico, our engineer, is on tour and therefore the final mixings and mastering might not be done very soon, unfortunately. until that time we're looking forward to play those new songs live. keep checking this website and our myspace for news about the demo recordings.

speaking of which, our myspace now officially has been pimped. finally it looks like something. what, we don't know yet though. please, since we had to take down our guest book, leave us a message on our myspace. if you're just as much a sell out as we are, that is.

and, as you could already see on our myspace and could have heard if you pay attention to gossip, we will be touring the u.s.a. again! after 2 summers of absence, we'll be hitting the american east coast again in july. this time we found the people of static radio (u.s.a., chunksaah records) willing and able to take us (on tour, of course). if you can and want to help us out with shows, check the shows section and/or email us for the tour schedule.

last of all: our apologies, this website has been down, or visually handicapped, as you wish, for several days. hope everything is fixed now. a new website is on the way too, anyway … 

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