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big f’ing news!

have we got shit to announce? oh yes we do. after forming antillectual, 6 years of being in a band together, having shitloads of fun in studios and vans, bob has decided to quit antillectual. even though it is not a complete shock coming out of the blue, the last year he has been focusing on his study, it was still an important and heavy decision to make. below you can read the statement bob asked us to put online:

 "hi everyone, bob here.
 after a good talk yesterday with willem and yvo i've decided to leave antillectual. it was a hard decision but with a busy next year coming up i'm just not able anymore to just pack my stuff and go on tour. cause that's what being in antillectual is all about, playing as many shows as possible. i think we all agree on that. so after a nice talk yesterday i decided that it would be a good time to step out now instead being on tour and suddenly realize it isn't working out. so i'm sorry, no fights or whatever just a good talk. it could've saved metallica a lot of money! but enough lame jokes…
 i want to thank willem and yvo for just everything, irina angry & peter youth, suzette, riekus for filling in for me. and everybody else that i've ever met/played with. i also wish suzette and yvo all the best and happiness with their own angry youth.
 this is it. i'm signing out. thanks everyone for the last 6 years.
 toedeloe!" (july 16, 2006)

well, there you go … we want to thank bob enourmously for everything he has done for the band, all the time and energy he has put in the band and for putting up with us. there's no way we can thank him enough. as said, no hard feelings, pressure or arguments influenced his decision. neither do we criticize his decision, this is the best for both bob and antillectual. we wish him all the best for the future and his work as a sound engineer. if you want to send him a message you can do so through bob@antillectual.com, beware: do not disturb him during dinner.

fortunately enough antillectual will not be without a drummer now. a logical next step seemed to be asking riekus, being the replacement drummer for bob already, if he wanted to join the band for real. and he wanted to! so we can also introduce our new drummer rightaway: riekus. also famous from bands like brandnewday, stars overnight, straight a's and almost every band coming out of friesland. he already played around 30 shows with us the last months replacing bob and we're very happy he's willing to replace him permanently.

we're somewhere in between sadness of bob leaving the band and hapiness of having riekus as his replacement. fact of the matter is though, that we're still as strong as ever and more ready than ever. we'll be writing new songs this summer and hopefully playing a lot in the new season. got shows? keep 'em comin'! and in the future new releases will follow for sure. releases? schmeleases!

furthermore: we want to thank everyone that showed up at the show we played last friday at the valkhof affaire in nijmegen. it was a blast playing at such a big festival in front of so much people appreciating what we do. thanks! you can read a nice review of the show at 3 voor 12.

also; being three years late with every hype, we put some new songs on our purevolume and myspace sites.

unfortunately we have some less positive news as well, our show in boxmeer has been cancelled. hopefully we'll be playing the box some other time, but certainly not on september 23. but on the other hand, we have a new show for october 1st. in winterswijk that is. hope to see you then and there! keep 'em comin'!

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