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New Album Stream ep. 3: The Hunt Is On!

The third song on our new album is a song some of you might already know. We played it a lot live, recorded a demo version of it (featured on Shield and No Reason Records’ label samplers) and it appeared on our (in)famous acoustic “Pull the Plug” EP. The lyrics could have been inspired by current affairs like the Wikileaks scandal, if it weren’t written before that time.
This week’s guest writer is Nab, our friend from Madrid Toulouse who runs “Just Say Yo Fanzine“. We met him years ago when he booked a show for us in Nice, we stayed at his mom’s house and ate oranges from the tree. This year he took us to a Hare Krishna temple to feed us; interesting!

Please read on, enjoy the song and feel free to share it with your friends.

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Nab Ortega says

Growing up, my favorite bands were always the ones with a socio-political message; bands like Pennywise, Minor Threat, Good Riddance, Anti-Flag… Even though I was like 13/14 years old and probably didn’t have a clue about politics, I felt there were a lot of wrongs out there and that punk-rock had to be something rebellious, speaking out against all the injustices going on in society. I met Antillectual when I was around 18, at that time I was feeling doubtful and lost, wondering if any of what I believed in made sense. We talked a lot, about our lives, about music, their music; and I could relate to almost everything they were about. I had never felt such a connection with anybody before.

They have this ability to communicate their passion and opinions in a sincere, genuine and always-friendly way, without being this overbearingly political band. I can safely say meeting them changed me. They have been a great deal of inspiration in my life so far and I owe them a lot more than they probably know.

Antillectual is about to release this great record called “Start From Scratch!”. I can’t wait for the world to hear it as this is some relevant music I’m very excited about. To me, their previous album, “Testimony”,  is a masterpiece; both lyrically and musically. I thought it showcased the band at its peak, but listening to their new full length proved me to be oh so wrong!

“Start from Scratch!” is a much more melodic record and yet still intense and angry. The songwriting got sharper and more on point, with thoughtful lyrics constantly challenging the listener, raising awareness, almost forcing you to pay attention.

Raising awareness is exactly what they’re doing on “The Hunt is On!”. To me, what they basically mean with this song is “WE WON’T BE FOOLED!”. It lists all theses morally wrong institutions that are engaged in crooked operations. Wrong according to our morals,  those of “all of us on the losing end”. We’re always telling ourselves that what we’re seeing might only be the tip of the iceberg. So this song essentially pays tribute to those who dare to break the ice, speak out and reveal the truth in an attempt to bring more justice and equality to this world. The “whistle-blowers” as they put.

I like this song because it’s a very straight-forward tune with these intense melodic guitars. The chorus is insanely good, and I love the way they built that second verse. One more thing I appreciate in “The hunt is on!” is that it’s one of their songs where everyone in the band sings at some point. Anyway, I guess you know you’re listening to a good song when you find yourself mumbling the words with your fists clenched.


The hunt is on! The gloves are off!
Another attempt to protect your own self interest
Another attempt to corrupt our moral principles
Denying rights to those who blow their whistle

Corruption, fraud and dirty linen
Whistle-blowers outlawed by established authorities
Losing the battle but hopefully winning the war

Sexual abuse among the abstinent
Selling us cigarettes for medicines
Price-fixing pushing the prices
Illegal weapon trade and export

Corporate, clerical and political arrogance
Exuberance, I hope it will fall
And push up those who have been pushed down before
Never asked for this role but they’ll play it

The church in all its manifestations
The political arena and all its participants
The corporate community and those who rule it
All scared to death their crooked secrets will come out

Liner Notes

This accusation is an ode to so called “bell-ringers” or “whistle-blowers”. People that without regards for their own benefit or well-being stand up to rectify hidden wrongs and abuses in society. Bell-ringers are characterized by the fact that because of their action in favor of a community or society, their own lives get ruined. The authority they stand up to tries to destroy the bell-ringers’ reputation, or even their complete lives. Usually bell-ringers signal wrongs among traditional authorities as governments, religious institutions or corporations. Recent examples are the worldwide reports on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church coming to light after both bell ringers and victims open up about this case. May the truth come out.

Next week a song that is impossible to know since we’ve never played it live to date. Doubtful if we ever will … Next week’s guest writer is someone “from behind the scenes of the Dutch scene”. Stay! Tuned!

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    Tof dat Jonas volgende week het commentaar gaat verzorgen!!

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    hehe, check!

  3. 30 August 2010 at 12:23 pm Permalink

    Nab, you’re a legend… great to read your kind words, inspiration can and will go on… It’s good to know there’s more family on this planet 😉

  4. 30 August 2010 at 1:36 pm Permalink

    Beste tot nu toe! 🙂

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    Just Say Yo Fanzine on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=342382436545

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    This song is fucking jam! thanks for your support. Oh,and I’m not from Madrid, I’m back in Toulouse, France now, land of the not-too-great Napoleon and even-less greater Nicolas Sarkozy.

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    @Nab: I stand corrected. Nice, Madrid, Toulouse: you are one hell of an untraceable globetrotter

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    what a great song! really love the second verse, how it’s building to the chorus.

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    Favorietje… wat is deze goed uit de verf gekomen zeg!


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