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Sleeping beauty

When Yvo and I (Willem) were young(er) we used to watch every touring band that visited Holland in a place called Doornroosje (sleeping beauty) in Nijmegen. A couple of bands that we saw there when they were still pretty unknown: Ten Foot Pole, Pulley, New Bomb Turks, No Fun At All, Lagwagon, Blink 182, Good Riddance, The Ataris, Refused, Green Day, and millions more. And of course all the Dutch heroes of that time. We once played the small side hall of Doornroosje at the last edition of a punk festival called Punk = Dead.

On June 10 The Gaslight Anthem will play Doornroosje and doing the support for that show will be the first time we get the chance to really play there. I think the expression "excited as little kids" is appropriate for us. So please come out and join us in this great melancholic and nostalgic victory! It will be worth it, since you won't be able to catch The Gaslight Anthem ever again in such an intimate venue. And we're gonna play quite some new songs too.

Furthermore we receive more and more reviews from Japan. Hard to tell what they mean, even though 5 stars seem good, right? Or do they rate the other way around? Check them here and here.

In other Asian news; our last album "Testimony" will be released in Malaysia through Embrace records. On tape! How awesome is that? The release is planned for June. Check Embrace records and order a copy at their site when it's out.
Tape! Nuts!

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