22 August 2009 ~ Comments Off on Several single shows

Several single shows

The tour with Rentokill was amazing, as we hoped for. We have been friends with those guys for quite some years now and it was really fun and interesting to be on the road together for the first time. Hopefully more enterprises like this will follow. Thanks for coming out to the shows and dancing and cheering. In case you did.

Right now we are booking the dates for the tour together with After the Fall. There are still some dates to be filled, feel free to hop in and help out. We’re also working on new songs. I guess you can say we are past halfway. We are aiming for 12 or 13 songs to be recorded before the end of this year. At each show we will play some new songs to play them into shape live.

Our Italian label No Reason Records managed to get us on “Pop Punk Loves You #4”. Together with other fine bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Useless ID, Rufio, This Is A Standoff, Enemy Alliance, All Time Low and others. Not bad, not bad.

For the rest of August and September we have several single shows to play. Some acoustic (people really seem to take us seriously with the acoustic thing …) and some “normal”. And some of those are actually in Nijmegen, one of our hometowns. Please come and check us and our new merch out!

Aug 25 NL Nijmegen De Bijstand
*Acoustic* w/ Oldseed

Aug 29 NL Schoonhoven De Bastille
w/ Face Tomorrow, Bail, Plaats Delict, Dead Man Running, Boy Gol

Aug 30 NL Nijmegen Rock Royale
*Acoustic* w/ Lea, Bandito, Go Back to The Zoo, Mark & the Spies, My Boot Heels, With Ice, Automatic Sam, Baby Jade Brown, Cauldfield

Sep 4 (Afternoon) NL Nijmegen TBA
*Acoustic* Guerrilla gig.

Sep 4 NL Utrecht ACU
w/ Smash the Statues, The Real Danger

Sep 5 Bel Olen Skatefest
w/ Born From Pain, Easyway, No Turning Back, Final Prayer, The Rawönes, Azriel, Tenement Kids, Noyalty, The Headshots, Angelskin, The Crackups, Bite The Bullet, Smakeloos

Sep 17 NL Amsterdam Winston Kingdom
*Acoustic* w/ Kevin Seconds, Mike Scott

Sep 30 Ger Essen Emokeller
w/ Sleazy inc. operated

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