25 February 2008 ~ Comments Off on Interviews, Testimony stream & more

Interviews, Testimony stream & more

Holland's biggest music site – 3voor12.nl – put our new album in its "Luisterpaal". You can now stream the entire album here. I guess they put it up in mono, that's why the quality isn't 100% (only 95%), but you get a very nice impression. Try before you buy!

More and more reviews are coming our way, mainly from Italy where No Reason Records is doing their best to get "Testimony" out there. But, unfortunately, they are all in Italian. Once we have a translation, we'll put them online. For all Italians, please check them here directly:

Recensione Rock Ambula
Recensione Long Live Rock 'n' Roll

And an interview in Italian as well:
Interview Long Live Rock 'n' Roll

Also, there is a live video of among others Friendly Fire on youtube. If you have more videos of our shows or whatever, we'd be honoured if you put them online and/or send us the file or link where we can find it. Thanks to Trilobart for this video. Our own Youtube account can be found here

And last, this month's Up Magazine features an interview with us, and has an amazing review up for our album too. Please check it out if you're interested. More paper zines!

That's it for now I guess. If you have news for us, let us know!

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