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holy fcuking shit

you can't even imagine the responses we got in reaction to the new demo recordings! we knew it took us way too long, but it seemed worth it for sure. we're so happy so many people are just as happy with the new songs as we are. the reactions to the other new songs that we've played live were heart warming as well. the last few shows were really uplifting and positive, we're looking forward to what is ahead so much! now all we have to do is trick a label and get the new record out there, easy as that.

well, priorities: the last days we've been working on the music and lyrics of the last 2 songs that will appear on the new album. that might have been the reason why this new update took so long. hopefully the songs will be ready right in time to perform them live on our u.s.a. tour and play them into the right shape for recording in august.

actually, we already have a new release set: for the first time in our existence a 7" with our music will be released. the label responsible for it is the pennsylvania based square of opposition records. the 7" will feature the three new songs and three songs taken from our last full length. the 7" will only be available through square of opposition records and on our u.s.a. tour dates.

there's quite some new shows on the shows section. both for the 2 upcoming tours as some individual shows. we're very happy that we got asked to play at the almighty trashfest again this year. and even happier that it will be in relation to the release of a anti-g8 sampler by grassroots projects. please check the new shows out and drop by if you get the chance.

also, we were asked to participate in an animal rights benefit sampler called "defend our friends" that will feature minor bands like ignite, good clean fun, samiam, closedown, latterman, i-farm, crane, planes mistaken for stars. i hope they're any good?

with all this talk about new jack shit, you'd almost forget about our last album that still receives amazing reviews. the belgian insider magazine posted a nice review on their site that you can check at our music section. also bobby in a volvo made a review a while ago just as sputnik magazine. please, check the reviews in our music section. added last are the last in line.

ok, this turned out to be quite an update. i guess there was much to mention, after a month without updates. we're also working on a new website which might be a little downer updating this old wreck, next to the fact that were just busy with other band stuff. but that's good. take care! 

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