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back from tour

dear all, this week we got back from our longest, best, warmest, hardest and most american euro tour we did so far. we've had great times together with the static radio boys in all the beautiful countries and cities we went to. on the other hand we suffered the worst experience a touring band can experience: a van breaking down. between toulouse and montpellier the van decided not to shift gears anymore. well, stuck in third gear you won't get far, but just like your mom managed to arrange replacement transportation. if it wasn't for mom we'd have to cancel the rest of the tour. with the new transportation (two vehicles actually, a car and a minivan) we could finish the rest of the tour. even though we have to offer our most sincere apologies to the people in montpellier who came to the show and for who we came in too late (we only had a 6 hour delay because of the van breaking down). hopefully we'll be back in montpellier soon to make this up! but for the rest this tour was better than any other tour we ever did. never before did so many people come to the shows, did we sell so much merch and were people singing along in tune this much. thank you to all contributing to this, both people organizing and showing up. if you want to read in detail how everything went, read on at our 3voor12 diary (all in dutch unfortunately, an english version will be posted on our site soon!). if you want to watch some pictures we and static radio took, please go here. a video report will be posted later.

other news: we have some more shows in our own country to announce, and since the show in nijmegen was such a succes even though some people couldn't make it, we'll be playing again in nijmegen december 20, at de onderbroek. also we'll be playing in one of our other hometowns, leeuwarden. check the shows for more dates.

on the tour we brought some new merchandise, new zippers, hoodies, t-shirts, girlies, stickers, 7"es. and there are some leftovers we brought back home. please check the merchandise section if you're looking for a 7" or a new sweater to confront the cold winter. one zipped hoody design is not online yet, next time it will be. we also have new sampler offers. just to let you know.

and, since we just got back from tour, we're working hard on our next tour. this time we'll be hitting the u.k. and germany again. if you can and want to help us out, you're more than welcome. please check the shows section for available dates.

last but not least, next week the final master of the new album, testimony, will be back from the studio. we're still talking to several labels about the release. as soon as any confirmations are in you will read it here. as for now, it looks the record won't be out before the new year though. 

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