16 September 2007 ~ Comments Off on back from the studio!

back from the studio!

and again, it's been a while, but only because all of us have been so damn busy! mainly we've spent 10 days and nights in the studio to record the most important parts for our new full length album. but we still have to record some piano parts, mix everything and send it to the mastering studio. and then we'll have to see for a way to release this thing. we're talking with several labels about the release, but no decision has been made so far. hopefully it will be out before the end of this year, it should be possible if things get along. in the studio we also shot some video, so you might expect a small video report sooner or later.

other report-talk: the tour report from our u.s.a. tour is now also up on our site in english, please check it out here, you can also find links to the pictures we took on that tour and the videos and diaries we made. have fun! we're also busy preparing our longest euro tour to date, 16 dates together with our friends from static radio. we'll be crossing holland, france, italy, austria and germany. all but one shows are confirmed and looking good, so if you have the chance, drop by and say hello.

we'll also bring a complete new line of merchandise including, shirts, girlies, (zipped) hoodies, stickers and 7"es. and we might play some of the new recorded songs live. no, we will. if you want to check out the tour poster (and spread it?), you're welcome: click here for a big version and a huge version. we don't do small no more. a lot of thank you's to all the "partners" helping us out ons this tour, mentioned on the bottom of the poster. the poster is designed by gemma, check her other amazing stuff!

if you want to order the 7" that was released for the u.s.a. tour you can go to the no idea records site and order it through their distro. for this upcoming tour there will be a tour diary on 3voor12, holland's biggest online music magazine. i'm afraid it will be in dutch, we will see what we can do about that. we hope to update it as much as possible. more than we update this site, we hope.

speaking of which, the new website seems to have some delay, unfortunately. all our time and attention is going to the new record and the upcoming tour. i guess that's it for now, we hope to see you out on tour! 

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