01 January 2007 ~ Comments Off on ’07


happy new year! let's see what this one's got coming for us. and let's see what we can do against it. we're leaving on tour in 4 days and in the show section you can find the latest news and information about the shows. please, if you have the chance, drop by and come say "hello!" or "bon jour!" or whatever they say in spain.

on this tour we'll bring a new shirt design, so you can be the first if you come and check us out. we'll also bring the books from typewriter distro and, for the first time, the c.d. distro from snowstar records. this tour would most definitely turn out to be terrible without the help from "just like your mom" toursupport and annie mae bookings.

oh, and now the most important news: we're on hyves. that's it for now, hope to see you on tour or perhaps afterwards! 

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