27 April 2007 ~ Comments Off on “maybes” meaning “no” & clandestine advertisement

“maybes” meaning “no” & clandestine advertisement

here we are, and here are the new songs. you can download them on the top of this page or listen to them at our myspace page. please do so and spread the word! hope you are just as happy with the new songs as we are. it might be your first chance to hear riekus on drums on antillectual recordings? these songs are recorded by nico "ultraruig" van montfort (o.a. face tomorrow, malkovich, instil) at the snowstar studio in panningen in march 2007.

more of the same will follow in late 2007 when we hope to release our new full length through an as-yet undecided label. if you happen to have a label that is interested in getting our music out there, please let us know. if you don't happen to own one, consider starting one?

did you already check out the merchandise offers we put up at the merch section? you can support us getting through the upcoming recordings by buying something from us. we'll take orders from all over the world. please don't buy something from us if you want to prevent us from recording anything at all, ever. 

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