11 December 2006 ~ Comments Off on tour, compilations and the “r-word”

tour, compilations and the “r-word”

the january tour a.k.a. the "we should have planned this in the summer-tour" is finally getting some proper shape. of course, there are still some dates to fill, but the trip is definitely worth it already. we're looking forward to be in the van and on the road again. please come and check us out if we come anywhere near you.

the new shirts design is getting really neat and will soon be ready. you read and see it here first. new stickers will be in soon too.

there's some compilation news as well. the triebwerk sampler, even though its release was a while ago, is taking a bit longer to reach us, but it's a nice piece of work. a great amount of awesome bands and very good looking. the bulgarian label troskot records and the belgian label kick ass records will both independently release a compilation with one of our songs on it. at that, the guys from bobby in a volvo, a belgian punk community that is doing our show in oostende, will put a online sampler on their website with, indeed, one of our songs on it.

now the news: we'll be recording some of the new songs we wrote in the new year, in march to be exact. hopefully followed by a new full-length later next year. don't get your hopes too high, these demo recordings won't be released (well, it's not our plan) and next year is still looooooong. in the mean time: come check the songs out live or start your own band! it's fun! 

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