22 March 2005 ~ Comments Off on we’re back from spring tour!

we’re back from spring tour!

and spring it was! we had such a great time out on the road again. we met a lot of old friends and made just as much new ones at that. we owe a lot to everyone that got us a show, some good food, drinks (some too much), a place to sleep and so much love and warmth when supporting our little band! thanks! but we can't thank people without mentioning these people: peter & angry youth records, pulce 'minchia' trash brigade, r.p. punkrock & total horror bookings, ashcan records, flo next friday, pascal and elisa in heaven, enrico sumo, gio memento mori and lena kunterbunt. paul and jerome from ash can records made pics of our gig in luxembourg. check em here. more pictures (bologna) coming soon.

after a lot of individual (and positive!) comments the first 'official' review is in, from asice.net. and a nice one it is! check it under our music section or here for the original version, comments and the possibility to make comments yourself at asice.net. an italian review is in as well, but we'll translate it in english before putting it online. last week our new album was 'c.d. of the week' at a french radio show called 'tous en tong' broadcasted by c'rock radio. here is the site of the radio station. here is the site of the punkrock community that does the radio show. a lot of thanks go out to them!

and of course we put up some more info on upcoming shows. which we are always looking for by the way! shows not info, duh. 

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