15 August 2004 ~ Comments Off on back!


fcuk! we're back home! we survived it, and how! it was damn great, we have had the best time ever, with the nicest people we could ever have hoped for! we played very cool shows at the weirdest locations: bars, dirty basements, barns, squats, outdoor amphitheaters, living rooms, video stores, record stores, co-ops, practice spaces, hilton-hotel-alike-venues, etcetera. expect an on-line tour diary in the near future with pictures, more detailed experiences and all. please leave your comments on the tour (or whatever) in our guest book, please! thanks to all the people that booked us a show, fed us delicious vegan meals, let us sleep on their couches, came out to see and support us at our shows, talked to us and thanks to all restaurants that gave us vegetable oil to keep our van running! thanks to the n.p.i. for supporting us and making this tour possible. thanks to gijs, sterre and katy for helping us out! we probably forget a load of people that we should thank; the list is never-ending while our memory is … despite that: a special thanks goes out to hypatia's dave, jordan, kyle, charlie and ryan. without them none of this would have been possible or would not have been this much fun! thank you guys so much! ok, enough ass kissing, we got work to do: new shows are posted in the show section, and we are ready for more!
at that we will be recording 2 previously unreleased songs for a compilation with other bands from gelderland. our songs: 'dream to live' and 'blood, sweat and tears on our luxury'. some of the other bands: bambix, beans, last to go, the shaggable sluts, the fart farmers, code blue, v.l.a., operation market garden, dislocated. more news later! 

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