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25 June 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Review Testimony


Antillectual, Testimony
2008, No Reason / Fond of Life / Rise or Rust / Infected / Shield / Youth Way

Review by: ThomPunkAheaddotcom


This album proves why this band are one of Europe's leading punk bands, but it also has me questioning whether or not the best? Personally, though, I can't label one band as the best because Europe's got too many good bands, but this release is certainly one of the best. Among the message carried, the power and superlative passion, they deserve a medal for the effort put in.

Antillectual's always been a keen advocate of bringing along book distros on tours — a regular thing, be sure to see if they're in your area anytime. The booklet included with the CD offers explanations on each song's meaning and helps you realise the strength of lyrics, each providing commentary on political issues, clichés in societies, personal philosophies… It's as if you've been handed a book you want more of with a CD that couldn't be more fitting. Perhaps a stereotypical pessimistic young outlook? Personally, I disagree.

Now, musically (as i'm not writing a review of a book) it seems everything couldn't be more fitting. Their previous full-length Silencing Civilization was good — however, a touch repetitive. Testimony solves that issue offering incredible variation whilst within the boundaries of the unique sound Antillectual have created themselves. Each song provides a different tone whilst portraying a message with a fitting sound be it positive, agressive or even heartfelt passion.

The production also has to be complimented hitting the nail on the head perfectly; having its own unique sound aiding the progression of their passion onto the individual listening, the CD mentions three people involved with mastering and production — I'm not sure who was ultimately responsible — and either way this couldn't have come out sounding better.

Kicking off with the album titled track "Testimony" exploding around you, you're pleasantly decieved with a slow-down a little over halfway through, something you'd expect at the end of an album. The contrast of the piano part to the gruff yet highly melodic and aggressive part, Antillectual provide a stark contrast to their message: 9/11 versus the fall of the Iron Curtain; the beginning of 'an ideological vacuum.'

The explosive "bodies slashed apart, into pieces" introduction of "Friendly Fire" demands answers. The passion held within holds similarities to Propagandhi, as mentioned with their previous full-length; however, the approach is a more melodic European sounding one. Adhesive were loved by many, considered one of the best punk rock bands out of Europe and the comparisons between Antillectual and Adhesive are high – compare the intro of "The Dog Ate It" to Adhesive's "Dividing Lines"; spooky.

I imagine Antillectual are still pretty unknown to many, which is why I feel like I have to mention an overall comparison. Previously I compared Antillectual to "a cross between Propagandhi, Hot Water Music and finally Rise Against" and some others mentioned Strike Anywhere. This isn't really like any other band, which is why it's so damn good. Testimony certainly likens the band to Propagandhi and Hot Water Music.

For me, this release has solidified their sound and uniqueness. It's not like so and so from USA and so and so from Canada — this is Antillectual from Nijmegen, Netherlands playing fucking awesome punk rock and I could happily listen to this album a million times.

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29 May 2008 ~ 1 Comment

Review Waves EP The New Scheme (USA)


The New Scheme issue 17

Waves 7”

Antillectual are from Nijmegen, Netherlands. Waves was released to coincide with their US tour this past summer. They pack six songs onto this 7”, three new songs on the A-side and three from their last full length on side B. The first song especially sounds like the second Propagandhi record, with angry vocals and melodic guitars. The second song, “Sponsorship For Life” is downright catchy, without being repetitive or obvious. It’s probably my favorite here, with gruff (but still on key) vocal lines that are well written and delivered energetically. The rest of the songs find a middleground between the two sounds, collecting influences from mid-90’s anthemic punk and more recent melodic hardcore. All six songs are well constructed, leaning heavily on familiar influences without ever sounding too much like any one band.
Part of me sees this record as naïve, quaint or novel. In reality, it’s none of the above. It’s a genuinely heartfelt collection of six engaging punk rock songs. They are packed onto the record in a way that makes the vinyl sound a bit like the 50th listen on the second time through. And for Antillectual, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Square Of Opposition

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03 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Testimony Live XS (NL)

Review Testimony Live XS (NL)

Antillectual Testimony
CD, The Shield,

Let me be clear from the start: Antillectual is one of the best Dutch punk rock bands around. The band proves that with their album Testimony. It is not only furious fast melodic punk but from time to time the band likes to slow things down. Antillectual sticks to DIY-principles and demonstrates that you can make both a good sounding record (the production is once again wonderful) and travel around the world with your band as long as you know how to arrange things well. And for the sake of change this is a band with a (socio-political) message. Punk as fuck as they say. And on top of that Fuckin’ good.

– No minus
+ Everything is just what the doctor ordered


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02 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Waves EP Scene Point Blank (USA)

Review Waves EP Scene Point Blank (USA)


Antillectual, Waves

Friday May 02nd, 2008
Square of Opposition, 2007
Author: Michael

Score: 7.5 / 10

Straightforward hardcore/punk. That is what The Netherlands' Antillectual offers up on Waves. This 7” features three new songs and three songs from their previous full-length.Antillectual serves up fast-paced hardcore punk with melody streamlined into the songs' structures. Musically I'd compare them to Strike Anywhere or Rise Against, but with a more coarse vocal delivery. The three new songs are a bit more melodic than those of their previous recording. One thing that is consistent is the social-political consciousness that is found in the lyrics.The only downfall to these songs is that they're already a year old as the recording was originally released to coincide with their U.S. tour last Summer. The good news is that Antillectual just released a brand new full-length in Europe. Hopefully someone wises up and releases it in the states. If not, time to import!

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01 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Testimony (A)

Review Testimony (A)


Antillectual – Testimony
Rise Or Rust Records

YES! Finally the Netherlands' best punkrock band has released a full length record again! Except for a 7" in 2005 ANTILLECTUAL haven't released anything in the last two years. Therefore it is such a nice surprise that they are back again with a new record called "Testimony" which starts with an incredible goodopening track. Straight in your face with important content, that's what ANTILLECTUAL have always been about. But on "Testimony" they took a step further: The guitar sound is even more powerful which is quite extraordinary if you consider the fact that there is only one guitarist who also sings by the way. Actually you would think of ANTILLECTUAL as a five piece band rather than a 3 piece one but those Dutch boys are able to create their own innovative sound without having a lot of guest musicians.

There is everything from interestingly composed midtempo- and powerful uptempo HC/punk songs on this record. In addition to that you can realize how much effort has been put in the hymn-like and melodic touch of the sound, which is perfect. The fact that all band members do the vocals puts an extra emphasis on the really well conceived lyrics. There is something that grips you when listening to the record, quite similar to the feeling when listening to PROPAGANDHI, TRAGEDY or STRIKE ANYWHERE classics or the first time, a feeling that never stops: you just want to get out and change the world! What ANTILLECTUAL also accomplishes with every track on the record: To create every single part in such an interesting way that you wouldn't want to hear that as background noise because there is just so much more behind all this. Take "The dog ate it!" as a piece of advice for listening. What's also great about this is the fact that even punk rockers can lay amazing solos.

CONCLUSION: Not only have ANTILLECTUAL chosen the right labels (Rise or Rust Records – AUT, Fond of Life – GER, No Reason – ITA and more) for the release of heir second full length: they have also presented one of the best melody-hardcore-punkrock records of 2008 – only in March!! We hope those guys play some shows in Austria soon: great guys and even greater record.


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