02 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Waves EP Scene Point Blank (USA)

Review Waves EP Scene Point Blank (USA)


Antillectual, Waves

Friday May 02nd, 2008
Square of Opposition, 2007
Author: Michael

Score: 7.5 / 10

Straightforward hardcore/punk. That is what The Netherlands' Antillectual offers up on Waves. This 7” features three new songs and three songs from their previous full-length.Antillectual serves up fast-paced hardcore punk with melody streamlined into the songs' structures. Musically I'd compare them to Strike Anywhere or Rise Against, but with a more coarse vocal delivery. The three new songs are a bit more melodic than those of their previous recording. One thing that is consistent is the social-political consciousness that is found in the lyrics.The only downfall to these songs is that they're already a year old as the recording was originally released to coincide with their U.S. tour last Summer. The good news is that Antillectual just released a brand new full-length in Europe. Hopefully someone wises up and releases it in the states. If not, time to import!

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