03 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Testimony Live XS (NL)

Review Testimony Live XS (NL)

Antillectual Testimony
CD, The Shield, Antillectual.com

Let me be clear from the start: Antillectual is one of the best Dutch punk rock bands around. The band proves that with their album Testimony. It is not only furious fast melodic punk but from time to time the band likes to slow things down. Antillectual sticks to DIY-principles and demonstrates that you can make both a good sounding record (the production is once again wonderful) and travel around the world with your band as long as you know how to arrange things well. And for the sake of change this is a band with a (socio-political) message. Punk as fuck as they say. And on top of that Fuckin’ good.

– No minus
+ Everything is just what the doctor ordered


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