07 March 2023 ~ Comments Off on NEWSLETTER MARCH 2023: Single Release & Album Pre-order

NEWSLETTER MARCH 2023: Single Release & Album Pre-order

We’re taking the final step before the full length release: a brand new single and the album pre-order! Check FROM CITY TO CITY and if you like what you hear, pre-order TOGETHER on LP / CD / tape. Check the single, music video and pre-order via our website.

Artwork From City To City


Where touring and critical thinking meet. We always wonder what kind of people we will meet when touring across the world. The advantage of living in a globalizing world is that there’s “great minds thinking alike” on the other side of the world. A disadvantage is that you might be out of touch with your direct neighbor. FROM CITY TO CITY is about feeling connected to people on the other side of the world, while feeling disconnected from people living right around the corner. Even though oceans are keeping us apart, the islands we live on are connected. Bogota, Colombia sometimes feels closer than Groesbeek.

Music video From City To City

The FROM CITY TO CITY music video footage was crowdsourced at recent shows in Bochum, Wiesbaden, Alfeld, Glauchau, Würzburg, Liège, Nijmegen and on the road in between. Thank YOU for filming, dancing and singing along to a song you’d never heard before! Credits to Jay at Moonboy Films for editing.

Together merchandise


As of now you can pre-order our new album! We’ve got LPs, CDs, Tapes, album & shirt bundles, and limited editions of the album. The tracklist includes brand new musical discoveries and your favorite previously released digital singles within an album context, all in your physical format of choice! Albums come with lyrics and extensive liner notes. LPs are eco-friendly produced and come in a gatefold sleeve with transparent green vinyl, CDs come in a digipak and tapes are limited to only 25 hand numbered copies. TOGETHER comes out on May 2, and your physical copy will be with you on the release date.

Are you a label or someone that wants to do the release/distribution TOGETHER with us? Get in touch!

Release tour

Next to releasing new music physically and digitally, we can’t wait to play our new songs for you! Come to one of the following to hear the tracks live:

  • Apr 02 NL Amsterdam, Melkweg w/ No Fun At All Info / FB event
  • Apr 03 NL Enschede, Metropool w/ No Fun At All Info / FB event
  • Apr 14 NL Amsterdam, Positive Outlook Fest Info / FB event
  • Apr 22 BE Antwerpen, Bearded Punk Fest
  • May 13 DE Limburg-Lindenholzhausen, Limewood Festival Info
  • May 27 NL Nijmegen, Paraplufabriek w/ Two Star Review, Sjonnie en het Talent. Free show/no tix! FB event
  • Jun 02 BE Bruxelles, Drink Drink Info / FB event
  • Jun 03 DE Siegen, Vortex Info
  • Jun 17 NL Hengelo, Heng Loose Fest FB event
  • Aug 09 SI Tolmin, Punk Rock Holiday Info & tickets / FB event

That’s it for now! We’ll send a new newsletter when TOGETHER is out, combined with all the release tour dates… Thanks for reading, till next time; Ben, Riekus & Willem

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24 January 2023 ~ Comments Off on NEWSLETTER JAN 2023: Album Release Together

NEWSLETTER JAN 2023: Album Release Together

Finally we can tell you all about our new full length album! The moment we have been waiting for since long, and hopefully you too? TOGETHER will come out on Tuesday May 2nd on LP, CD, tape and digitally. The tracklist includes your favorite previously released digital singles within an album context and brand new musical discoveries, all in your physical format of choice!

Artwork Together

TOGETHER describes the state of the world, the music industry and our approach to this album. Current global problems can only be addressed together; Ukraine can’t defeat Putin on its own, nor can we beat climate change without worldwide support. And instead of being a Do It Yourself band we prefer the Do It Together approach. Without partners like independent labels, promoters, bookers and of course the support of our audience we would be nowhere. That also goes for this release: we asked friends running labels, stores, booking agencies to work on this album together. Without them this album is going nowhere. And lastly: even though these songs were recorded in batches and some released digitally, we wanted to put them together on a physical album.

This is our first full length album after 2016’s ENGAGE. Toon and Ben both recorded songs and Ian Legge aka The Punk Cellist contributed cello parts to Helping Hands. The songs are recorded by Martin Beusker at Mailmen studio and Tim van Doorn at Big Dog Recordings, the album is mastered by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound, the beautiful artwork is created by Thomas at Dark Roast.

From City To City artwork + music video


Our last pre-album single From City to City will give you a fresh taste of the brand new songs on Tuesday March 7th. The song was recorded last May with Tim van Doorn at Big Dog Recordings featuring Ben on bass. A beautiful music video was shot by people that visited recent shows. You may already know the song if you were there, now you might see yourself in the music video!

Vinyl color variants


On March 7th the pre-order for the album also kicks off. There will be a limited pre-order edition of the album and bundles with other albums, shirts and more via our webshop. The physical version of the album comes with lyrics and extensive liner notes. CDs come in a digipak, eco-friendly LPs in a gatefold sleeve with transparent green vinyl via us and transparent yellow via labels. A group of 20 labels will co-release the album worldwide so you can order from your favorite local dealer when the pre-order starts. If you wanna be involved in the release/distribution of our album, let us know!

That’s it for now… Our next newsletter will include a new song, a pre-order of the album and release tour dates! Thanks for reading, till next time; Ben, Riekus & Willem

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02 January 2023 ~ Comments Off on Happy 2023!

Happy 2023!

May 2023 continue where 2022 left off for our scene: getting back on track after the pandemic. On the other hand, the world seems to be in dire straits with wars and crises continuing. We hope releasing our upcoming album can offer some solace, hope and a constructive outlook on the future. We didn’t call it TOGETHER for no reason.

As for us, we’re currently in the calm before the storm: we only have 3 shows announced. We’re saving ourselves for the release of our album and the period afterwards and we have quite some bangers lined up. Once the album is out we’ll play like our lives are depending on it! Test pressings have been approved, the waiting game continues. We hope to have more news for you soon!

Jan 20 BE Liege, La Zone
May 13 DE Lindenholzhausen, Limewood Fest
Dec 29 NL Nijmegen, Friends First Fest


Artwork TOGETHER by Thomas at Dark Roast

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30 December 2022 ~ Comments Off on 2022; weird but good!

2022; weird but good!

After 2 years of pandemic we finally felt like a band again in 2022. The year had a very slow start, and not everything went back to normal, but we did manage to make it a fun year! We played fun shows, recorded music for our upcoming album and regained a sense of purpose!

The year started in hibernation mode, continuing pandemic projects like the years before: doing acoustic Propagandhi covers, deconstructing I Wrote This Song and creating what turned out to be a TikTok hit.

When the time was right we kicked off live with a new festival combining skating & music at our local skate park Waalhalla: SHRED FEST! What a way to come back to live!

Summer brought us festivals like Mad Ones Fest in Luxembourg, Göttingen HC Sommerfest, Beard Ättäck Fest, Kraetzeval, The Broken Fest.

We got to share the stage with Bad Religion, Pussy Riot and Heideroosjes, play amazing locations like Paradiso and Conne Island, and do fun shows like Punk Rock Riot, Turbo Fest and Happy Accidents Fest!

We welcomed Ben as our full time bass player, recorded a new album with Tim at Big Dog Recordings and started working with Hage and Spider Promotion for bookings in Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

Like every year we finished it all off at Friends First Fest! All in all not bad for an “incomplete” year! And the foundation for an even better 2023 has been laid…

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30 November 2022 ~ Comments Off on NEWSLETTER NOV 2022: Friends First Fest tickets

NEWSLETTER NOV 2022: Friends First Fest tickets

As the year is coming to a close, it’s time for our end-of-the-year tradition: Friends First Fest! While we’re at it we’ll also spoil some more news about the upcoming album, including a single before releasing the full record. Lastly you’ll find upcoming shows and a free shipping code at the bottom of this newsletter!

Friends First Fest poster

Friends First Fest

All bands have been announced and tickets are on sale starting now! If you wanna join us at De Onderbroek in Nijmegen on Thursday December 29, make sure to get a ticket in presale, as it will probably sell out like previous editions. We’re doing flexible rates and kids get in for free, hoping that everyone can join the fun. Keep an eye on the FB event for surprise updates and check our album Start From Scratch, which we’ll play front-to-back!

Together album artwork

New album

We’re working hard on the release of our new record. We can’t wait to share it with the world, but we’ll have to wait until the vinyl is ready. Yet, we wanted to show our loyal newsletter readers the beautiful artwork by Thomas at Dark Roast and present the title: TOGETHER! If you come to a show, you can hear a new song live: From City To City. We’re crowdsourcing footage for the music video, so feel free to film us playing it and send it over! And if you’re a label interested in releasing/distributing, please reply to this email!

Tour poster - dates below

Upcoming Shows

Because of the new album, we’re taking it easy with shows in the first months of the new year. But we’ve got sweet stuff planned around the spring release! Wanna book us?

Free shipping for albums

With a new album coming we need to make some room and get some extra funding, therefore we’re doing free shipping on all album orders! Mention AHOYAHOY in the order comment and we’ll ship it to you for gratis!

That’s it for now, next time we hope to have a new single and album pre-order for you!
Thanks for reading, till next time; Ben, Riekus & Willem

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