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New song from Perspectives & Objectives: Soundtrack

With a new album come new streams! On August 23 we will release our new album “Perspectives & Objectives”. Until that date we will stream new songs from the album every Monday.

Ivo van Aart shot a music video for the first song: “Soundtrack”. Lyrics and liners notes below the video. Bart from our Dutch label Suburban Records wrote an introduction:

I’ve been following Antillectual for quite some time now. Always with deep respect on how much a Dutch Punkrock band can achieve on its own. Working hard to get the next tour in line, to release the new album worldwide, to keep on pushing the limits of what you can do with music. That is the work ethic which resonates in what we love at Suburban and what we aspire to achieve with all that we do. Everything that Antillectual has done so far had meaning, had content. You don’t see that much anymore in music. I take pride that I’m part of this new chapter in the bands career.

It also helps that it is a killer punkrock album! Work hard & love music.

– Bart Wismans, Suburban Records

Pre-order “Perspectives & Objectives”, or a package including it and receive a stream right after.


How do you sleep at night? Wake up and smell the apathy
Why don’t we hit the streets? Live life a little less carefree
Less “no”, more “YEAH!”, it seems we’re stuck at “maybe”
Not just a piece of the pie, we want the whole fucking bakery
Fuck fact-free politics ‘mockracy, I can’t believe the state we’re in
Our state ruled by hypocracy, we’re preaching water, drinking wine

Less “no”, more “YEAH!”

Let this be the soundtrack of how you change your life, no-one will do it for you
Let this be the soundtrack of how we change our world, there’s only “us”
When was the last time you did something for the first time?
We’ll only regret things we didn’t do

How can you care so little about the world we live in?
Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter
I love these songs and books edging our minds like pencil sharpeners
There are no pros and cons to giving a shit when you’re in it for the message

From Russian Pussy Riot, re-educated Indo-punks, to stoned emos in Irak
We got freedom of speech but nothing to say while spring is spreading everywhere
What kind of message do we send the opposition of the willing if we don’t even seem to care
Tough shit, everything is political, there’s no escape, a-political is just impossible
Too bad, songs won’t change a thing at all, needless to say, revolts need to be audible

Liner Notes:

“Music with a message, what has it ever done to change the world?”

Always a great argument when talking about socially engaged music. Maybe music never directly started a revolution or accomplished change on its own, it sure has played an important role as soundtrack to social (r)evolutions. The spirit of the slaves in the 19th century wouldn’t have been as strong without its “black music”. Without Bob Dylan’s songs the civil rights movement in the 1960s wouldn’t have been as widespread. The recession in the 1980s wouldn’t have been as dark and heartfelt without the sound of punk.

In today’s day and age it is impossible to exclude yourself from what is going on around you. We are more informed about the world around us than ever before, and it is consequently harder to look away and not care about it. Today’s music is a part of that world, accompanying us and current events.

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