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The New Jew, Geert Wilders

In 2008 we wrote a song called The New Jew, which ended up on our album “Start From Scratch!” in 2010. The lyrics are about Dutch politician Geert Wilders and a new political right-wing movement in Holland. We wrote liner notes to the song in the album artwork and we introduce the song and its message when we play it live. But since there was little English documentation about Wilders not many people outside of the Netherlands really know what the context is.

Since Wilders’ provocations no longer only stir Dutch Muslims but are pointed at Middle and Eastern European immigrants and workers, international political unrest started. Wilders’ political Freedom Party (PVV) created an official reporting site where people can file complaints about Middle and Eastern European immigrants and workers. Since Wilders and his party are part of the Dutch government, foreign politicians are not amused.

Also Dutch politicians, celebrities and artists have had it with this politician’s view points. Being the prophets that we were in 2008, many initiatives are being taken right now to speak out against Wilders and his ideas. The Black Atlantic (an upcoming Dutch folk band) will organize a big benefit concert in The Hague, and many (funny!) ironic reporting sites have come to existence.

In 2011 the BBC made a very interesting documentary (in English) about Geert Wilders. The makers followed him campaigning, standing trial on charges of “incitement to hatred” (a trial Wilders later won) and give insight in the international anti-Islamic network that supports him.

You can find the BBC documentary about Geert Wilders linked on our Youtube channel. Please have a look, educate yourself.

Read the introduction and liner notes we wrote ourselves, and listen to The New Jew.

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    But doesn’t Wilders have a case? Is not Muslim crime and welfare dependency a problem? Do not Muslim criminals attack the elderly and vulnerable? Do not Muslim sex grooming gangs target young girls, some as young as twelve?

    And what of support among Jewish voters for Wilders? What of Muslim anti-Semitism?

    If you had any courage and decency your little punk rawk songs would address Muslim racism directed at Europeans. You would discuss the bullying perpetuated by Muslim students against European children. Every damn day this happens. But you look the other way.

    You pretend to be rebels when in fact you support the status quo. You are but shills for the established order. You are as corporate as fuck.

    Good luck with your career. May your bank accounts grow ever larger.


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