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Get involved! Design our next tour poster

Aspiring designers: we need your help!

To promote our shows all over Europe and the rest of the world, we are in need of new tourposters. We’ve designed a couple of these ourselves in the past, and we are running out of stock. Instead of relying on our own (fairly poor) design skills, we figured we’d give it a try and see if someone else could help us out. Here’s your chance!

We won’t be doing this without a favor in return, of course. So here’s the deal: whoever sends us the coolest design will be rewarded with a nice merch-package (shirt + CD / Vinyl + some extra goodies) and 2 guest list spots for 2 shows of your choice. Besides that, your posters will be stuck on walls all over the world, and you are free to include your name / website on the poster.

Sound good? Here’s some guidelines:

  • Send your design to tourposter@antillectual.com before june 10, in low resolution
  • While designing, keep in mind that we will need to print this poster LARGE! DIN A2 is what we aim for, but alternative formats are an option: extra long, extra wide
  • The final design will need to be 300 DPI CMYK color / Grayscale
  • Leave some free space on the poster for our signatures bookers to add their show info (see example below)
  • Our band logo can be found here (black on white) and here (white on black)
  • Use whatever you like: album artwork, photos, your mom’s backyard wall.. But please respect intellectual property when using other people’s material

Other than that: go crazy! Please don’t let the guidelines ruin your creativity..

This is the poster we are using now, just for reference.

(click for LARGE version)

After june 10, we will announce the winner of this little design play-off.

We appreciate your help very much! Looking forward to your contribution

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