11 July 2010 ~ Comments Off on Tourreport and Facebook integration

Tourreport and Facebook integration

While we were out on our last tour, we had the pleasure of sharing some of our experiences with you. Right now, we have finally managed to wrap up the whole report, including some lovely pictures by Rudy. If you wonder what it’s like to be out on the road for 3 weeks straight in a hot and smelly van, go and check it out!

For all you facebook likers: we’ve noticed that you really enjoy liking and commenting on our updates. So we decided to give our own site a little facebook flavor. From now on, you can easily leave comments on our site with your facebook account. Just hit the blue “connect” button below any post, and you’re logged in to our site through facebook. No need to leave an email adress, and don’t worry: we don’t collect any private information. Also, when you comment on our updates on facebook, your comment will be added to our site. Hope you “like” it! As always, we are open to your suggestions how we can make this work even better.

And last but not least: the new record. We still can’t give you a releasedate, but please rest assured that we are working our asses off behind the scenes to make this our best release to date. And we’re cooking up some spicy plans to introduce our new songs and lyrics to the outside world that is you.

Now go out and catch some sun!

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