22 June 2009 ~ Comments Off on Podcast: Erfurt radio F.R.E.I. session

Podcast: Erfurt radio F.R.E.I. session

Our very first podcast! A radio show in Erfurt (DE), where we played some acoustic songs and talked about life on the road, Germany, the UK, USA, kids, Propagandhi, Descendents and more. 11 minutes for your listening pleasure.

Back on our last tour, we played a show in the lovely city of Erfurt (Germany). During sound check, we were asked if we would like to come down to a radio show. Of course we would!

We ended up having a talk with Andre for Radio F.R.E.I, a local independent radio station. He has been doing a punk/hardcore related show called ‘Less talk, more rock’ for almost 10 years now. We decided to sit down, have a talk and play some acoustic versions of our songs.

The interview covers subjects such as:

– how touring the UK is uncomfortable, “not being nice to bands” .. sorry English friends!
– how Germany is “heaven on earth for touring bands”
– spending 16 hours on the road in the USA
– how we “never planned to play Germany”

And Yvo has some words to say about how “kids are so inspiring”, his oldest son dancing to Descendents, his favorite band being Propagandhi.

Check the mp3’s for the interview and an exclusive acoustic song. There’s a new song in there. Vielen Dank to Andre, you rock!

The interview (first minute is in german, rest is english)

The new Jew (new song)

Pictures and interview by Andre Neumann for Radio F.R.E.I.

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