28 May 2008 ~ 2 Comments

With pain in our hearts …

… and that's actually pretty literally. Because the worst thing we can do as a band is happening; we have to cancel a part of our upcoming tour. We are extremely sorry and appreciate all help from the people that worked to get this thing rolling. But sometimes things are not only in your own hands. Maybe some of the dates can be shifted towards the dates we were planning in July and September. We will keep you up to date. Please, read Yvo's explanation below:

"Hi there,
We have very bad news: we have to cancel a part of the upcoming tour in June. The reason is my girlfriend Suzette is pregnant of our second child and the pregnancy is not going very well. She's feeling really tired and she simply can't take care of both herself and our son on her own while I'm away. We've tried everything in our capacity to increase her health but this is beyond our reach. After Suzette ended up in the hospital, we had to draw our conclusion: I'm needed at home to take care of her and my son and we have to cancel a part of the tour.
We're really sorry to tell you this, we wish it was different. You all will probably know that touring is our fuel and the thing we like to do best, but the health of my girlfriend (and the little one inside of her) are the first priority.
We are playing the first three shows of the tour and after that we will be playing local shows. On those shows I can get home the same night.
A long time ago we already agreed on continuing the touring with a replacement bass player during the last months of my girlfriend's pregnancy. Therefore our friend Pitter (Rush 'n' Attack, Omission) will replace me on the tours from July till November. I will be at home, changing diapers and writing new songs. After November I'll be back on track."

So there were already plans to replace Yvo temporarily but nature's call was too urgent to anticipate in time and we can't do (all) the dates in Austria, Italy and France. We apologize and hope you understand and that you might come out to one of the shows we are actually playing. Or maybe catch you later this year? Take care, we will keep you up to date.

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  1. 3 June 2008 at 9:01 pm Permalink

    gadverdamme, yvo. dit suckt wel erg hard voor je. man, geloof me, ik voel met je mee. steun je familie nu maar even en doe alles wat je kan om hier goed door te komen. veel sterkte voor jou en suzette en je kids. ik hoop dat het goed afloopt met de zwangerschap. hoeveel maanden is ze? een zwangerschap lijkt zo vanzelfsprekend, maar dat is het echt niet. echt waar, kerel, ik duim voor je. hou me op de hoogte en zorg goed voor je vrouwtje!


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