14 October 2008 ~ Comments Off on With one foot in the plane

With one foot in the plane

Tomorrow morning we'll fly out to the USA to do a East Coast tour for the third time. Excitement is an understatement. Awesome people and shows will be awaiting us. So far we will be playing The Fest VII with an insane amount of awesome bands (250+) and club shows with A Wilhelm Scream and Bridge and Tunnel among many more. Keep an eye on this site for updates and reports.We bring a video camera so expect some video footage every now and then too. For this tour we have a new shirt design that will only availabel on the USA shows, so make sure to stop by. We'll also bring the new LP's and CD's of Silencing Civilization Shield Recodrings re-released.

Besides the USA tour we have some new shows and tours lined up on the shows page. Check out if we come anywhere near you, and if not maybe you can help us out to do so?

If you want to order the re-release of the remastered Silencing Civilization you can do so now through this site (info@antillectual). Our 2 albums together cost 15 euro and a shirt and an album are 15 euro too. Just to let you know.

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