25 November 2008 ~ Comments Off on Last USA tour video online

Last USA tour video online

I guess the title gives away a lot. The last episode of our USA tour video report is online at the Spinner website. Check it out and leave a comment if you feel like it.

As long as we're here anyway; we are planning a Tour de France in January/February and still have some off days which we'd like to fill up. Check the show section if you want to help us out. On that tour we'll also play in Geneva (not quite French) and Raalte on the Pedro Pico Pop festival (not French either indeed). HELP!

The last couple of months people have asked us to participate in benefit samplers to help out a cause worth helping out. Obviously we contribute songs to initiatives we like to support. So maybe you want to check out these organisations that will release or have recently released a compilation album with one of our songs on it. If it's worth one of our songs, maybe it is even worth a minute of your time?

The (Veganarchista) Conspiracy

Help Dave Mahoney

Plea for Peace Europe

Anti Repression Paragraph 278a

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